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Can dogs really tell the difference between the various flavors of dog food?

Question by Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye: Can dogs really tell the difference between the various flavors of dog food?
My dog doesn’t seem to care one bit what he eats.

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Answer by Corn is not dog food! No wheat!
Dogs dig in the trash and lick their butts. Given the chance, they eat poop.

They don’t care what food tastes like. They just really like eating.

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That doesn’t mean he can’t tell the difference between foods, it just means he has little to no preference. Dogs are natural scavengers, eating what opportunity presents, so aren’t always picky about what goes into their stomaches.

We, as owners, have an obligation to feed them the best possible diet despite the fact that some dogs, given their druthers, will eat anything from fecal matter to dead carcasses.

Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell and with that comes a sensitive sense of taste. It’s just your dog likes them all and isn’t very picky. Pretty typical.

yes they can. they have taste buds just the same as humans. you are lucky you have a dog that just doesn’t mind what he eats

I have seven dogs, 2 boxers, a German Shepherd, 2 chow mixes and two Chihuahuas.

The 5 big dogs don’t care which kinds of food I feed them, they will eat everything.

But the 2 Chihuahas are very very picky, they only want puppy chow (even though they are both adults) or a Pro Plan Small breed formula, i find thats their favorite.

I assume that since the little ones are house dogs and basically treated like humans they tend to be more picky, maybe bc they are small breeds….

Oddly enough I think that there are a few out there that do.

A friend of ours has an Irish Setter who will absolutely refuse to eat “Turkey and Rice” but would devour “Lamb and Rice” of the same brand.

My border collie goes crazy for the “ginger bread” flavoured treats over all others. We’ve laid them all out numerous times and each time he goes for the gingerbread without fail.

Then again, my beagle will eat just about anything you throw his way.

Dogs have really low taste buds. If they were made to be picky eaters there ancestors would have died off in the wild. Some dogs are more picker than others but most don’t give a care.

all dogs have a great Sense of smell. with that said. most smaller breeds, are so called fussier than the big breeds…
i hear this all the time my dog wont eat !! leave the food down long enough, he will eat …
they test dog food , on dogs, to see, what dogs like or don’t like, most dogs food ,are masked to help dog choose it …
and dont forget , human should be able to eat it as well…. that the rule. of the f.&d admin…. but i ant eating my dog food lol
i also believe dogs Sense right-before we feed them, we smile at our dogs and , make a big deal about feeding them. right?
in the wild they will eat anything to survive….
as for eating dog poop. that down to lack of minerals

Some dogs (and cats) are picky eaters, some are somewhere in-between, and some will eat anything you put in front of them. They really are a lot like people. Even if a dog will eat anything and everything you give them, I think it’s our responsibility as pet owners to try to make sure they get the most nutritious food for their needs. Since my husband kind of took over the dog I got, she has gotten fat. I’ve tried to tell him he gives her too much of the wrong food, too many table scraps. He really loves that dog, and he keeps showing his love by sharing his food with her.
I think dogs can tell the difference in foods, though, unless they inhale it, lol! Some of them scarf it down so fast, they probably can’t taste it.

Our dog, a male Maremma, was a rescue and when he came to us he was totally disinterested in food. He had been traumatized by being left chained up outside and quite obviously hit by the monsters by whom he had the misfortune to be adopted. It took us months to gain his trust and longer still till he accepted that people could actually be nice to him so he didn’t have to cringe when someone petted him.
Getting him to eat we had figure out what he was eager to eat by trail and error.
And leaving the food out till he was hungry enough to eat it didn’t really work as he would leave the food for the day. We found out he really liked chicken more than any other food we gave him.
We had to coax and trick him into eating his meals by adding cooked chicken to his kibble. So from this experience we came to realize that he must like the taste of chicken more than beef or fish.
Thankfully he eventually did come to eat his food readily and even with gusto. He actually gets excited when he sees his dish go into the kitchen.
Years later we got some venison and wow did he ever go crazy over that. When we mixed it into his food, he would purposefully pick the venison out of his dinner and eat it first.
But the most dramatic indication that he preferred the taste of one thing over another was when we gave him some biscuits of which one was mint flavored. He ate the mint one and then refused all the others – just walked away and left them. Cosmo loves mint.

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