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How can I stop my dog’s barking/aggression?

Well, my dog Chips is around 4 1/2 years old and we got him from a humane society. [People think he is a german Shep mix, and our family thinks he’s mixed with treeing tennessee brindle] He came from a shelter in Tennessee becasue they did not have room for more dogs. He is a sweetie and likes certain dogs [like females bigger than him] Now when he sees certain dogs out the window [akita, lab, pugs, irish settlers etc) he begins barking crazily at them. After they are petty far away from the window he will bark/whine at them. He won’t stop it and we can’t take him to the dog park becasue he began fighting with the huskies. We’ve tried shock collars [he doesn’t really care how many times it shocks him if he hates the dog], saying “NO”, making him sit, having him focus his attention on us not other dogs but it doesn’t work. Citronella collar might help, but I need to make him understand.[He also barks then whines at motorcycles and he almost slipped out of his collar to chase one]HELP?
Some of you who can’t read shock collars don’t wok for my dog

And for those who were useful: Choke collar will actually choke him.. when he sees dog/motorcycle he would not stop barking/pulling for ANY reason.. head halter might work. Any other suggestions?
[I forgot to add to last detail]

My dog can’t hear me when he is barking! Or he tunes everything completely the only way to get him to stop is gently “hit” him with a pillow. [I’m not actually hitting him ;D]

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Answer by Clamshell 19
Sounds like he is insecure.
Read Cesar Millan’s book…
he has several actually…

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there may be something in certain dogs barks or his ears hurt when the ambulance comes. some breeds are just cautious of other breeds really if your dog only barks at certain dogs the may have done something to your dog in his past

to stop your dog from barking is buy a electronic collar which prevents you dog from barking. it works with a spray in which dogs don’t like when it barks it lets out a spray and when it senses it it should stop barking it works straight away, it lasts from a few months then you have to replace it

Having a similar situation, I know first hand it is incredibly annoying. Buying electoshock collars and Citronella collar won’t help, or won’t help well. The best thing is to buy a choke collar. That way you can control the dog by moving his head and snapping him out of the barking trans. When you do this, you as the owner must be calm and firm. You must not create any hesitations, fears or frustrations. Every time your dog directs his attention to the window, you have to be firm and you will get his attention. Taking his attention by calling him or giving him food will do nothing. Also exercise him and practice healing. Dogs should listen to commands. It also helps watching Ceasar Milan (on tv), a dog trainer or reading his books. Worked for my dog and he is a big one.

a work friend has a dog that constantly barks and his neighbours have told his landlord that they are going to report his dog to the council- so he has been looking for a way to try and stop the barking while he isnt home.i cant tell you if this works yet, but he has just bought some kind of collar for his dog that sprays the dog with citrus smelling water every time it barks- so im guessing it might be the citronella collar you mentioned. it was recommended by his vet as ‘harmless but works’, so he has his fingers crossed that it works. It was expensive though…..around $ 200-300 i think.