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How do i make my cats death go by faster and less painfully?

My cat has a disease where his insides fill up with liquids. he has been slowly dying all day, but now he can’t move at all. He can’t move his eyes or his face and its like he is paralized. He is stiil breathing though. I can’t kill him, but he won’t pass on his own. What can I do to make him pass on easier?

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Answer by Heather
OMG! If the cat is suffering take it to the vet to be euthanized!!

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Yes, please, take this cat in and have a vet painlessly end his suffering.

If you can’t afford that, your county animal control office will usually do it for less. But they won’t let you stay with him, and he may wait all dy for the shot. Use a vet if you possibly can.

Then surrender him to a shelter and they’ll put him to sleep. Shame on you for just leaving him laying there in pain. And was he ever even treated for what’s wrong with him?

As his owner you’re supposed to take care of this cat including letting him go when there’s no hope left. Forcing him to slowly die in pain is Felony Animal Neglect. Either BORROW the money for a vet or give him up the shelter. And please don’t get another cat until you can afford to care for it. Pets are a RESPONSIBILITY not a right.

How about selling that Blackberry Curve for money for the vet?;_ylt=AgZeh74igE9bkjQbB3GUQ77ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130122165911AAVbksK You’re also only 16 years old. You’re a child so this cat is your PARENTS’ responsibility. What’s THEIR excuse for not taking him to the vet?

You take it to a vet and have it put down. No excuses to let the cat suffer unless you don’t care about the cat. You are disgusting for allowing the cat to suffer becouse you don’t want to take the poor animal to a vet to have it put down

You have that shiny new Blackberry you can sell off, you don’t need the luxury item. But i have a feeling you wont, after all the expensive luxury item means more then a living breathing being that is suffering.

Don’t get nay more pets since its clear you are not mature to have any and not responsible enough to have any.