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How long does a cat have to live after Mammary Gland Swelling?

My cat has serious mammary gland swelling, that needs operation, but we don’t have the money for it. So how long will she live? It’s been a year since it started it’s all blue and swollen.
And now the cat caught another disease my mother wants to put it down.
It’s a 10 yeard old cat, not spayed and the wet said she’d need both operations, to remove the glands and to get spayed. This happened because we used hormones on the cat to prevent heat

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Answer by Lee
Is this a young cat or an old cat? Is she already spayed or not? in yong not spayed cats there is something called mammary gland hyperplasia that has an excellent prognosis ONCE CAT IS SPAYED it usually goes away. If this is an old or spayed cat, however, cancer is much more likely. Breast cancer in cats is aggressive and they usually have less than one year to live.