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How much money is an american shorthair kitten ?

Hi I found a good trusted classic silver tabby american shorthair breeder in my area and want to make a call but I do not know how how much they cost ( im short on money LOL) and could use some help. thanks a lot !

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Answer by catloverme123
if your short on money you should hold off getting a cat untill your finances are more secure.

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Please stay away from a breeder and go to can find
all breeds from owner give-ups for a reasonable adoption fee.
Normally I try to give polite answers;but being in animal rescue our
answer is:For every animal purchased from a breeder;an animal is
put to sleep at the city shelters.

Wait until you are in a better financial situation, cats are not cheap and breeders often don’t have their pets fixed when they sell them, but they will require you have it done within a certain amount of time. You are going to pay hundreds of dollars for even a pet quality cat from a reputable breeder, so if you are complaining already about funding, then you might want to hold off.

You should also consider adoption. The cats are already spayed/neutered, vetted and wormed, and much less expensive (but again, wait til you can afford it) plus you would be saving a life.

From a reputable breeder who has quality cats and shows them, you are looking at about $ 600 for a purebred silver American SH kitten. If you are willing to accept a retired show/breeding cat adult you can get it for a few hundred from most breeders who want to place them in “retirement” homes.

These cats are usually under 4-5 yrs old – maybe around 3 yrs and make excellent pets.