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How to get a min pin to stop barking and being scared of a 8 year old?

I adopted a Min Pin at 10 months old and I had him about 4 months. The dog has had issues with my 8 year old son. He cowards from him, barks, and hides under the bed. My son can be loud and bosterious as we have 2 other dogs that he runs and plays with. How can I get the dog and child to be more acceptable to each other.

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Answer by Bozema
Your son is old enough to understand that this dog is tiny and can be easily hurt and he needs to be less boisterous around this dog. At the same time, you can crate the dog, possibly in another room, when it gets frightened and starts barking. It will feel more secure.

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my brothers min pin at 7 years old bit my baby nephew on the head. my brother was so close with this dog and that was it.

Something may have happened between your son and the dog. Or maybe you dog being so small can tell that right now is not the best time for him to be close to your son. They can sense things that we cannot. Maybe let you son know not to be as excited around the dog and have him just sit with the dog and be calm while petting him.

Go to a professional trainer. If you don’t catch this and fix it right away it WILL lead to biting- serious bites. Your dog and family will be miserable.

Until you get there, keep your dog and 8 year old apart completely so not to unknowingly reinforce the behavior.

I also need to add that the reason this is still going on is probably because of your inability to assert authority. Otherwise, your 8 year old would behave with the dogs and your dog would feel comfortable enough in your leadership ability that he would be able to trust your 8 year old. Please get to a professional, you cannot handle this alone.

min pins are one owner type dog, and they don’t do well with children unless they are raised as a tiny puppy around them.