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I live in Oregon and want to buy either a devon rex or cornish rex kitten.?

Hi, I live in Oregon and I’m having a hard time finding a local Oregon breeder of devon rex or cornish rex kittens.

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check all your local shelters. i personally don’t trust breeders.

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Try looking up rescue centers, both in Oregon and outside of Oregon, for the specific breed. Rescues are usually very nice and helpful, as they’re really trying to find a good home for their animals, and will work with you to get a pet to you.

I don’t know of any in Oregon but I know two REALLY nice Devon breeders in the Seattle area:

Neither of them has much info on their website. Your best bet would be to go to the upcoming show in Jan in Portland as I’m sure both of them will be there

You do know that you won’t find a Cornish or Devon for less than $ 800, right? And that will only be pet quality.

If you don’t trust breeders, from where do you think your Cornish of Devon will come?
Build a converstional relationship with a breeder or two. The more questions the breeder asks you, the more the probabilaity of them being reputable. Many breeders do not ship, You may have to drive a distance to find your kitten. A few bad breeders give all breeders a bad name. Most breeders are good and work hard to have healthy kittens and cats. The cost of a pedigree kitten does not cover the expenses incurred by a reputable breeder who feeds premium food and provides good vet care.