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is a plott hound, shepherd mix a good dog to have?

my puppy is a plott hound, sheperd mix. there isn’t a lot of information on plott hounds so i was just wondering if they make good pets? do they bark a lot ( the puppy hasn’t barked once only whimpers) are they smart, do they learn fast?

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Answer by Doctor Doctor
There’s no way to tell with a mix. The puppy could have inherited his genes from either of those dogs, one of them having mixed genes themselves.

The breed does not determine their behavior or personality. You will ultimately control this.

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There isn’t a whole lot of information on Plott hounds out there, you’re right. Here’s a couple links that offer a little information about them, from Wikipedia, the AKC Plott Hound breed history page, and the UKC Plott Hound page:

I can only expect that it will probably be a higher energy dog, and as a hound it will probably bay or howl, more than bark. Sorry I can’t offer you more information than that. But just remember that the majority of dog behavior is determined by the owner. If you train it right, it will be a great dog. Good luck! 🙂