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Is it wrong to feed a possum?

I leave food outside for a few stray cats and a possum has started to come. Is it wrong for it to eat out of the same bowl as the cats? Will it give the cats diseases or something?

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Answer by Mircat
I lived in a city apt. I had 3 raccoons (then down to two) come to my patio at night. I, too, had a big bowl of water and tray of kibble outside for local strays. The raccoons came with a load of babies one year so I put out a fresh litter box full of water and plastic cat toys. OMG did the babies love that! I had to change the water every day because they made it muddy but what a hoot to watch.

Eventually, two possum found me and they came. I thought they were awfully cute but boy do they have a mouth full of sharp looking teeth. My neighbors had two cats who came over to sample food at my place. The first couple of times, I got two pans to bang together to create noise to break up a fight. Never happened. I have seen a cat come onto the patio and sit and wait patiently while the possum finished its meal and left. They saw each other and there was no hissing or growling (raccoons do that) and the cat laid down and calmly waited. I never saw aggression.

I fed them Hill’s Science Diet. I figured if they were getting a big meal it should be healthy. I loved watching them. I wouldn’t worry about it. Everybody was fine at my place and I fed and watched them for 5 years. I love possum faces!

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Yes. its a wild animal and you are making it depends on you for food so it will become reliant on humans for food and start going to other people for food as well which will end up with it dead because you foolishly feed it.

Opossums carry all kinds of parasites and diseases that it can spread to you. So do stray cats. Stop feeding wild animals and have the stray cats trapped and taken to AC