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Is it ok to get an Alaskan Malamute if you have cats?

I am thinking of getting an Alaskan Malamute. But I have cats and I am worried about how the Malamute would relate to them. The Wikipedia entry for Malamutes says they cannot be trusted around smaller animals. Can anyone tell me about their experiences with this? Personal stories of owning a Malamute with other housepets (especially cats) would be awesome. Also, is it possible that your Malamute could actually kill your cat if you left them alone together? Or would it just be aggressive and mean to it? Is there any way to train them to be nice to cats?

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Answer by rescue member
Malamutes consider small animals as prey – no doubt about it. They kill cats, no doubt about that either.

I much doubt you could train them to go gainst their nature and would advise against getting a malamute if you have cats.

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Where to buy a Kooikerhondje in Austria?

I would like to buy a Kooikerhondje ( Kooiker dog) in Austria but idk where I could find a ” dog seller”! Any idea?! Thanks!

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Answer by MamaBas
If you search, you’ll probably find there’s a Breed Club in Austria, in which case, contact them and ask for the names of good breeders over there. Also the Austrian Kennel Club?

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How to tell the difference between cat breeds?

I’m studying veterinary medicine and have to know all the different cat breeds. I’ve never owned cats or been around them much. I know the more distinguished looking ones – the Abyssinian, Siamese, Persian, Scottish Fold, etc. – but the rest all look more or less the same to me.

How do you tell them apart?

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Answer by ljb
I don’t think you need to worry about being able to tell them apart – owners of purebred cats are very eager to tell you all about them.
If you really want to look up something, the cfa and tica websites have all the standard breeds with pictures.

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what are the reason a cat would starve itself?

my cat, she is about a year and a half old, is scarily skinny. she used to eat a lot but eats very little now. im afraid she is sick. what cat diseases cause cats to starve themselves??
and i dont have a lot of cats, she is my only cat. wow.

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Answer by Vote for Short
It hates you…you crazy cat lady! Maybe if you didn’t have 15 other felines it could get some food!

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Has anyone heard if Purina Pro Plan causes cancer in dogs?

I had to put my dog to sleep 3 days ago because of a massive cancerous tumor in her stomach. Someone told me their dog had cancer and was using Pro Plan, and that their vet thought the same thing. I switched my dog to Pro Plan about 3 years ago. If anyone knows anything about this please share the information. Thanks in advance.
My dog was a white female German Sheperd, age 9.

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Answer by tiger x
Completely untrue!!! I have been using Pro Plan for years and never had any problems, it is just an unlucky coincidence. I am so sorry for your loss x