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Cat Breed-Creampoint Ragdoll?

One of my sons friends down the road gave us this adorable little white kitten. He was thin and full of fleas, so we took him in fed him and bathed him in a nice warm bath.. we got attached to him quickly and noticed that he has the fluffiest tail we ever saw on a cat. We decided that he was either persian or another breed (not comming to mind right now). We took him to the vet for shots, declaw and neutering and on his visit back for his second set of kitten shots I asked the vet what kind he thought he was and w/out hesitation he said “Ragdoll” I was a lil confused bc i had never heard of such a breed before. Ive been told this isnt a popular breed (hard to find) and can be expensive if bought. When I looked it up on the net it didnt give me much 411 except for pitcures and we finally came across a cat that looks exactly like our cat, a Cream Point Ragdoll”. Is there anyone out there that has had one of these cats, or is familiar with this breed? I do have pics of him

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Answer by Safaia
Ragdolls are expensive to purchase, when you can find a breeder, that is…lol…the reason they’re called Ragdolls, is…when you pick ’em up, they just go limp, like a ragdoll…plus, they’re sweet natured cats…you’ve got yourself a gem of kitty…lucky duck you are!…lol

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Ragdolls are one of the “pointed” long-haired breeds. “Pointed” means that they have light fur with darker “points.” Siamese are the typical example of a “pointed” breed. A more common long-haired pointed breed is Himalayan (my mom has two, a seal point and a tortie point). Probably your kitten is not purebred, though. If it was, the owners would have known, and yes, they could have gotten alot of money for it. But anyway, mixed breeds are generally slightly stronger and healthier, less delicate than purebred cats (because purebreds are often inbred.) However, your kitten obviously has SOME kind of long-haired background, so you will have one beautiful cat! Enjoy!

If it is still a very young kitten, don’t be surprised if it gets darker, especially at it’s “points” (face, ears, feet, tail). Did you know Siamese kittens are born white?