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Can i Leave a Bernese mountain dog pup alone for this long?

i have always loved Bernese mountain dogs…they are my favorite breed. I used to own a golden retriever but she passed away some years ago. I currently own a Shi Tzu and he is wonderful with me and other big dogs. I am living in big house currently with a big back yard with which i can train my bernese in (if i can convince my mom to let me get it). I will be moving into an apartment but i have access to many parks and dog parks. I work three times a week from 8 until 4 and go to school on the odd day for an hour and 15 minutes. i know leaving the dog home all day is not right at all which is why i would come home at lunch and play with him for about 40 min and then go back to work.

Here is what my schedule would look like:

6:30 am – 7:20 am : 40 min of dog walk, play time/ exercise

12:00 pm – 12:40 pm : small walk or play / pee time

4:00 – end of day : stays with me and my shih tzu meaning ample exercise (shih tzu will be with her all day also…keeping both dogs occupied)


The dog wouldnt be alone for more then 1 hour and 30 min.

does this sound suitable for the dog? also if anyone has any suggestions as to how i can convince my mom that would be great!!!

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Answer by jessica g
When a pup is two months old its fine to be left alone for two hours.. and three months, three hours and so on. I would try to get one that’s a little older. Once the pup is 4 months or so you won’t have a problem. If your mom doesn’t want another dog you won’t be able to convince her unless she’s a pushover. I waited til I moved out to get my pit bull because my parents said there was no way I could get an ‘aggressive’ dog like that lol now I bring him over to their house sometimes and they love him!

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I don’t have any suggestions about convincing your mom to get you a dog, but I do know about their schedules.

Yes, that sounds like a good schedule for a BMD puppy. I advise crate training so you will have a place to keep your puppy while you can’t be watching him. Remember that this breed requires a lot of running and exercise. They also shed a lot, and grooming REALLY helps with that. BMDs can be stubborn, so you will need to start training him early. And lots of socialization.

Have fun with your puppy!

It sounds reasonable to me. Most pet owners work Monday though Friday from 8-5. As long as the dog would have a safe environment and would be loved and played with when you’re not at work, I think it’s a great idea. There are some very horrible pet owners out there in this world and going to school three days a week is not bad at all. Just don’t leave him or her outside chained up. Buy them a bed and some toys and make him or her comfortable while you are at work. Love and care for them properly and also make sure you will be able to afford vet bills. They can get expensive and make sure you are committed to having him or her for life. Good luck!

I think that will work. Pups need to be let out about every hour to eliminate. And they do need a lot of attention and time.

Sounds like your dog would be getting more play and potty time during the work and school day than most. Usually dogs get let out at lunch time which means their left alone for around 4-5 hours at a time.

any young person who would be so dedicated as to schedule something like this…is urely ready for a pet…..I am a commercial artist and in the winter time I am gone from 9 am til 5 pm…………my 4 chihuahuas are alone in the den…food water…potty place with the tv on.

if you can manage to have food water….and the tv on low….or a radio on very low…toys he cannot choke on…..and a window to climb up at to look out……..your pet can very well manage without for a few hours….many people have pets and work everyday…..just as long as when you are home…you spend lots of time together….of you dont then you will have an unhappy dog and potty problems….

I say….you know what you are doing…..


I would look on for an older dog that wont need so much attention. A puppy needs almost CONSTANT care and will not do well alone for such a long time. Also, Burnese mountain dogs need a big backyard, an apartment will not be good for such a large active dog. I would hold off until you move into a house with a yard, or get another small dog. And, if your mom doesn’t want you to get this dog there’s probably a good reason, and she will just resent you and the dog (to no fault of the dog). If you’re going to be in a small apartment, getting a big dog like that is just unfair to the dog.

There are too many long periods when she will be alone, consequently she will be bored, miserable and lonely. It will also be impossible to toilet train her if you cannot take her out every hour. In addition to this she must be taken out after she drinks or eats and wakes up after a nap. At the outset, she will also need to be taken out twice during the night.

Imagine your parents reaction if she is not toilet trained and imagine the size of her pees and poos. They will banish her to live outside. A dog who lives outside is vulnerable, it could be attacked by other animals, abused, stolen or wander.

There are few landlords who will agree to your having such a large dog. Then you have to consider how to wash the mud off after a dirty walk.
How will you get a dirty dog into your apartment to clean her up?
Will there be facilities in your apartment to wash your dog?
When you have your own apartment, will this entail working full time and leaving her alone all day?

Dog who are left alone often cry and bark and the other tenants will complain. Eventually you will be evicted and you will need to look for another landlord who will accommodate your dog.

If you can cope with the above, what happens if you want to change your job and cannot find accommodation for you and your dog.

Wanting a dog is not enough, you must look ahead and consider its future. Thousands of people get a dog without doing this, then ultimately the dog is dumped.