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Does anyone know any apartments that take Dobermans in Denver CO?

I am having the hardest time finding an apartment complex that allows dobermans. My max payment is $ 800 per month. If you know any apartments in Denver, Westminster, Boulder, Broomfield area that allows dobermans please let me know!

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I would suggest going on to a Doberman forum like
They actually have links in their forum for things just like this and you will probably have a better chance of responses.

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I know that Toscana apartments in Arvada take german shepherds, as I’ve looked at moving in there in the past. They are off 80th and Sheridan. They are a low income complex, so rent starts at 499$ /month. The apartments are smaller, but I think they are nice, I like the area, and they have a nice fenced in dog run area to give your dog some time off leash. I don’t know if they accept dobermanns or not, but because they accept shepherds I assume they would? They just have an 80lb weight limit, but a nice vet or tech could always slip on a form and put in 79lbs 😉

My mom’s boyfriend use to live in the Aspen Park Apartments in Northglenn, right behind that DMV off Malley Drive and Washington, I think they accept any breed of dog. He had neighbors with pit bulls, one neighbor had two chows, the woman across the hall had a giant black lab/newfie mix. They are a bit pricier, but still well under 800$