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How often should I take my puppy to the vet?

Harleigh is 6 months old now. When I first got her at 3 months old, I took her to get a exam. Well they hardly did ANYTHING. Just really looked over her. Didn’t look in her ears, teeth, etc.

She’s UTD on all her shots and stuff. But I’m just wondering when I need to take her to the vet for an exam?

She’s been spayed. 🙂 And, yup I’ve got her on Heartguard.

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Answer by Babygoo89
after she has all her shots, then should be once a yr for regular check up.

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she needs to be spayed now. she will need vaccines in a year and other than that just when she is sick.

make sure she is on heartworm prevention.

I take my boy for a yearly examination when he has his annual boosters (to kill two birds with one stone).

Unless she is ill or has any long-term conditions, there is no need for her to go more frequently.

I’m surprised the vet didn’t look in her ears or mouth. Hmmm, I’d get a different vet.

Add: Obviously she needs regular flea/worming treatment, but you do not need a vet consultation for that. And it’s great to hear you got her spayed. 🙂