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My dog is in Kidney Failure do you know if he is able to eat, cream cheeze, whipping cream and oatmeal ?

I have Laz on a special diet K/D however I know that this will add weight to your dog My Vet. Said he was not sure that a lot of people cook for there animals that are in renal failure.

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Answer by singleworker1230
No, your dog needs to be on a good quality but low protein diet. Talk to your vet about obtaining a recipe for a good kidney failure diet. To go about this willy nilly will only cause further harm to your dog.

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I’d avoid the things you just mentioned. If you home cook, you could feed meats like fresh chicken, skinless and boneless breast that is steamed. That should be about half of his meal. The other half could consist of a mixture of one or two veggies like carrots and broccoli (steamed and mashed) or other veggies like steamed zucchini, peas, green beans. AND, steam some cranberries and mash them and add that to his food or ask the vet about the best cranberry supplement that you could crush and mix into his food.
You could sprinkle a bit of brewer’s yeast on top and add a tablespoon of Activia (good for their digestion)
Ask your Vet about human grade fish oil caps and how much to add.
DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG CREAM CHEESE, WHIPPING CREAM. You could end up having a dog with pancreatitis.
Run this suggestion by your Vet before applying it to your dog.
Feed twice a day, dividing his daily portion between the two meals.

I have a friend who is on kidney dialasis (sp?)… she told me that she is on a very restricted diet because her kidney is just unable to function to filter it. She cannot have any dairy products.. she is limited to a very bland diet.. potatoes and rice, and only 2 oz od unseason chicken.

I would think its safe to assume that the same would be true for a dog..keep him on his special diet. As he gets feeling better, his body should start putting on more weight. Dont try to add “extras” to his diet tho, as it may put more stress on his kidneys.