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very thin 7 week old Boxer puppy had hookworms?

I took the puppy to the vet cus it had pale gums and tongue and started looking thin. I was told it had hookworms. I’ve treated it 3 day’s with strongid mixed with panacur, half n half. What can I feed it to help put on a little weight ? It has become very skinny.

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Answer by Brittany
Ok so it sounds gross but try to cook hamburger then put it in a blender with beef broth.. I have had to give that to my puppies before.

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Just up his food a bit and give treats that are healthy like veggies,carrots, brocolli, puppy type food higher in fats..good luck with him i am happy he will be okay..

Just feed more. Feed the best quality puppy food you can afford. Veggies, while good for him, won’t help him put on weight — they’ll just fill him up. I’d just stick to feeding more puppy food, and add maybe a fish oil supplement twice daily.

The vet should have advised you about that – if the puppy was eating normally, and the main problem was the worms, then he should begin to gain weight shortly. Be patient – you don’t want to load up his system iwth too much at the very time it is just trying to recover.

He will start to gain weight now that the worms aren’t eating his food – if he has been eating fine all along, you can give him as much as he’ll eat in ten minutes, but feed him kibble that has been soaked in water overnight for now.

You can do that four times a day for a week, he’ll get caught up, and you can go back to three times a day until he’s around 6 months, and doesn’t need lunch anymore.

It is very young and so glad you took to vet!! Hooks can kill. Once it has been treated it will now get the nourishment from the food. Trust you have your pup on a high quality puppy chow. Plain yogurt will help heal the gut also. Keep food bowl full so it can eat as much as wants during the day. Do not go feeding rich foods or people foods as the gut may not tolerate. Mix a bit of yogurt with a little dry food 3xday for a week or so. It will take time to add back on the weight. You can not rush that.

just feed him his regular puppy food.
if you feed him canned or wet puppy food then give him half dry half wet(it helps put on weight).don’t feed him human junk food or any human food besides natural fruit and veggies.
don’t feed him to many treats it is not good for him and hard on a puppys stomach!give him as much water as he needs!maybe give him some foods that will produce poop quickly(the worms will leave sooner)don’t try to make him poop though that is cruel and unhealthy,unless a vet does it or you have the vets permission and advice on what to feed him!

Just about every dog on the planet is infested with worms to some degree. If they stay at low levels, your dog can build up immunity to them. But if the infestation reaches a certain point, worms can cause anemia, lethargy, poor appetite, and even death. Fortunately, almost all worms can be detected by a vet and treated with medication.