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Why is my cat acting strangely?

My cat is lying outside in the sun, and its very hot today. He is acting very oddly, e.g. when I go to stroke him he lashes out and bites and scratches. He is usually completely opposite and is very cuddly, so this is not in his nature at all. Could it be something to do with the hot weather?

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Answer by RN851
Could be the weather,illness,injury or hormones

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It really could be any number of things. It could be the weather or that the cat is feeling over heated, it could be hormonal, especially if your cat is hitting certain stages in its life. Mainly when my cat gets like that I think she is just trying to let people know she is in charge, and that you can pet her when she wants you to and no other time =]

lying outside in the sun they like the warm sun on there body and back
and some times they like to be alone and dont liked to be touched . when I go to stroke him he lashes out and bites and scratches they can be moody at times

most of the time they love to chill out and let you touch them
just like if you have the fire place on and they lay down next to it and later on get to warm
they will to some place and cool down and then go back later to get warm

Does he lash out before or after you touch him? My first thought is that he has an injury and is in pain and doesn’t want to be touched.

He is a cat. He behaves the way he want to, not as you think he should.

My two nice cats who adore each other were fighting with fur flying all around yesterday, and I have no idea why. Sometimes one of them will go to eat my hand, even though they usually love to be petted.

This Watterson strip might help:

Honestly, I’d determine if the behavior happened before or after you tried touching the cat. I don’t know if you know this, but cats can get sunburned just like people, it’s just not as obvious because of the fur. Perhaps the cat did get sunburned, and you irritated the skin by attempting to touch them. Get the cat out of the sun, and make sure there is plenty of cool (not ice cold) water available. If you want to cool the water off some, put an ice cube or two in there, the cat might like to lick it. I’d suggest checking with the vet to see if they can suggest some sunburn remedies, if that appears to be the problem.

He may have a sunburn. Don’t let him lay outside in the sun for a while and monitor him; if his behavior doesn’t go back to his normal, I’d suggest talking to your vet.