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re-asking, long fur manx dislikes being brushed?

It’s a struggle every couple days. I’ll give a little background.

She’s approx. 10 yrs old. I rescued her a couple months ago from an abusive home. She won’t take treats out of my hand. I have to leave food in front of her, walk away and ignore her before she eats.

That being said, I’ve tried making brushing her a good thing, but she won’t take treats or any positive reinforcement.

She kicks with her back legs (front declawed) like mad, screams her head off, hisses and spits, she’ll even bite me. I hush her, pet her gently, and try so hard to make her comfortable. I even pet her for a while and then go for the brush. Sometimes she “pops”. She jumps straight into the air and away she goes. Never had a cat like her before.

SHe doesn’t like being held period, so that’s not helping.

I’ve been thinking about shaving her for the summer months but I really don’t want to do that to her. She’s so gorgeous and imagining her shaved (lion cut) is really upsetting.

Do you have any tips to make this better?

some pics of her
I don’t know for sure. That’s what I was told and she fits the breed description (body type and personality when she’s not being skittish). So I just go with it lol I suppose it doesn’t matter much either way though.
oh wow. I just looked up the cymric. There’s a couple pics out there that remind me of her lol that’s pretty cool. I never knew of the cymrics before. Neat.

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Answer by Percy-and-Penny
Is she really a “longhaired Manx”? If so, that breed is the “Cymric”. If it’s just a cat with a short or missing tail then it’s probably just due to a birth defect – not a Manx or Cymric.

Longhaired cats should be COMBED – not brushed. Brushes do little to remove the loose hairs of the undercoat and can pull at and break top coat hairs.

Get a good quality steel-toothed comb like this You can find them at pet stores – usually in the dog section – and it will normally say “Finishing Comb” on the package. The comb will gently remove the loose hairs of the undercoat and leave the top coat intact. If this cat’s coat is really thick then you’ll have to do this at least every other day to prevent matting. If it has a light undercoat – like that of a Ragdoll/Ragamuffin – then you’ll only need to comb her about once a week.

One thing I’d definitely try with her – the magical treat – CHICKEN BABY FOOD! Cats love it and if you give her some prior to grooming and after grooming she’ll soon associate grooming with yummy food. Also trim those back nails before combing her so you don’t end up with shredded arms!

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I show dogs and right now I am looking at bringing in another?

My dog now is very fearful of other dogs-wont bite,but just gets big eyes and stiffens up.My problem is,.. this show puppy is amazing and I want him but how do I bring him in with out freaking my current dog out?

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Answer by Mike G
if you got the new puppy your dog would surely get used to it and probly coem to like it after sem time and btw i had the sam problem and my old dog got used to it just make sure they have a place to get away to like a room or doghouse

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How much does caring for a kitten/cat cost?

I want to get a kitten and I’ve heard that getting 2 is a good idea so they don’t get lonely. I don’t know if I have enough money for two. How much does it cost exactly for food/vet and everything else?

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Answer by Law L
If you’re not sure you have enough money for two; get one.

It’s not as simple as working out the food, bed, intial vet, etc. etc.- what if they get sick and need to see an emergancy vet? What if they get out, and get hit by a car, and it costs a lot to treat them?

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what breed of dog will protect their owner if theyre being attacked?

say if you were out walking and someone tried mugging you, what dog would fight off the person trying to mug you?
i know that doberman pinschers, german shepherds and pitbull terriors will but what other ones do?
i need as many as possible!
and are there any that arnt tooo big and are quite cute as well?

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Answer by Rebekah05
Dogs are trained for protection by a professional.

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My dog got bitten by a jumping spider. I gave her Benadryl, will she be ok?

She brought it inside (still alive) and now one of her eyelids is swollen in a couple of places. She weighs 60lbs so I gave her 2 Benadryl. Should she be ok?
Yes it was a jumping spider, she brought it in and was chewing it. They are not venomous, but cause a reaction like a bee sting according to the vet. She got a steroid shot and is back to normal now.

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Answer by Boombox.
Take her to the vet to get it checked out.

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Is it okay to leave the kitten out inside the car while driving?

He is about 2-4 months old. Need to go to the vet and have a box carrier but he meows relentlessly when inside and I feel really bad. Is it okay to leave him out while driving?

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Answer by Johnny
He just doesn’t like being confined, but it would be safer for both of you. He could cause a crash easily.

To stop the meowing, get a carrier and make it part of his day to day life. Make it a place he can curl up in an go to sleep, or put him in it when you go out for short periods do he gets used to it.

Good luck

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A Very Sensitive Cat Issue?

In March 2009 my neighbor caught some feral kittens. Another neighbors cat apparently had kittens outdoors and we would see them playing in the gutter with no human interaction. These people moved at left the cats to fend for themselves.
When the kittens were approx. 10 months old the other neighbor caught them. She took some and I took one, a female Siamese. I immediately brought to the vet for vaccinations and spaying. I soon realized that she is deaf. She is terrified all humans, including me. She loves my other two cats and dog.
The cats a have various scratching posts and scratch pads around the house and they all use them.
All the cats need their nails clipped and I know how to do this without harming them.
My Siamese is very difficult to catch. She fights, shakes and tenses up like I have never experienced a cat to do. I have had cats for 60 plus years.
Yesterday, she injured me again trying to escape being held for her nail clipping. I have a 5″ long slash to my leg and chunks of skin out of my fingers and hands. These are large wounds. I will not put her down. She is healthy and happy as long as humans are not involved. My question is about declawing. Please NOTE: I am against declawing but no one would take her if something happened to me. She is strictly indoors. To have her nails clipped at a vet, they would have to sedate her which might be dangerous if done every six weeks. I don’t want to declaw but do I have any other options. She does not bite or show any other aggressive behaviors at all. ( I have tried wrapping her to clip her nails with little success as she is so strong from terror.)
I apologize for the length of this question. Your helpful answers will be appreciated.
She is approx. 4 years old now and her behavior has not changed.
Her claws must be clipped because they get caught in the carpeting which could pull on a nail and injure her.

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Answer by lauren:)
If you have the money, time and patience you could try a behaviourist. If not, declaw her if she will be living indoors and will not be defensless against fights or attacks. Be patient, maybe she will improve in time.

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What are some tips for me and my new puppy?

Me and my mom are going to get a puppy today and we need some tips for it like… how often should i feed it, how do i train it and just stuff like that

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Answer by Jasmine
Depends on the breed and size how often you feed it. Usually about 3-4 times a day and slowly decrease it when they get older to 2. You should look to see if there’s a puppy school in your area, they’re excellent. They teach you loads of things, like basic obedience, leash training, nutrition, and toilet training. Not to mention socialisation, which is a must.

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Rephrase: What do I do to keep my cat from LICKING at a small sore, making it worse?

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Answer by missmywhiskey
Clean it with 10% iodine 90% warm water and then bandage it up. She will probably pull at the bandage to get it off so watch her.

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food allergies in cats?

I have a bengal who’s suffering from allergies. The vet tested for parasites, mites, thyroid, blood work, etc. All came back negative and so she had me put her on a food trial for 2 months. She didn’t improve and we ended up doing serum testing which revealed over 30 allergens, mostly seasonal, but also dust mites, mold, mildew, etc.
The vet said that the serum testing would not reveal any food allergies and because she was allergic to so many different things, she’d like me to keep her on the specialized food. She wants to proceed with allergy shots, which is fairly expensive. I want to help her and if the only alternative is lifelong steroid use, then I’m willing to cough up the money for it.

The vet food is very expensive too and even after 2+months it’s a struggle to have her eat it. Do you agree with the vet that it still could be a food allergy even if she didn’t improve on the special diet?

FYI the food trial consisted of kangaroo/yam canned food without any preservatives and stuff, the complete version she’s on right now includes some vitamins and other nutrients she needs, but it’s like $ 4 a day. I would like to put her back on kibble and add maybe half a can of wet food a day.

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Answer by I love my mutts~
Try her on a grain free kibble/canned food like Evo, Before Grain, Nature’s Variety Instinct and Addiction. My oldest cat has severe food allergies, she currently eats Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit Formula and I’m considering switching her to Addiction Viva La Venison to further improve her condition.