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Training your Lakeland Terriers Leadership and Relationships

Training your Lakeland Terriers  Leadership and Relationships

Does assuming Leadership over your Lakeland Terrier mean you can not have a wonderful Relationship too? ASSOLUTELY NOT!

Pat Muller is the Founder of Safe Landing – New Beginnings

– Owner and President of Quansa Kennels Inc.
– Inventor and patent holder of Q-Collar and Q-Calmer.
– Developer of the Manners In Minutes Training program and conducts these seminars throughout the United States and Canada.
– Past president, three terms, of the United States Lakeland Terrier Club.
– Breeder of AKC Airedale and Lakeland Terriers.
– She works with Veterans Service Dogs
– She woks with Children and Adults teaching pack behavior.

Contact Pat Muller by Phone 815-389-3754

or Contact her by email at:

3 replies on “Training your Lakeland Terriers Leadership and Relationships”

great video, wonderful information.  I have a Lakeland trained by Pat as a service dog. She has changed my life, I weighed 257 lbs, I lost 130 lbs in 4 years by changing my habits and my self esteem. My Lakeland provided me the desire and motive to move forward in my life. Without Pat's knowledge and abilities training her I would not have come this far. She is special and provides so much to me and inspiration to others. Thank you Pat.

I have a very small;short hail,-hardly any hair at all-h0w do I find a good home for her? Another family abandonded her- and my sister and niece can't stick with her ;they have to move to Texas.

Is it the Lakeland or another dog which is doing the whining? My Lakie tends to do that for attention….ah wish I had done this when her behaviour first started to change around 12 months…now 3 and a happy dog but still super sensitive to noise, and when excited will go after joggers ankles, suitcase wheels and, sadly, children

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