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Unadoptables – Disfigured German Pinscher searches for home

Unadoptables - Disfigured German Pinscher searches for home

Popper, who suffered through a botched ear cropping and is disfigured, is now looking for a home.
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Popper, a striking and adorable German Pinscher, suffered through a botched, home ear cropping surgery. Popper’s ears are now disfigured, but that doesn’t get hime down. At the Camarillo Animal Shelter, Popper thrives. “Popping” like a popcorn, he jumps for attention, for toys and for his favorite friends. If you are interested in adopting Popper go to the

Segment Producer: Dawn Poomee
Associate Producer: Brittni Brown

20 replies on “Unadoptables – Disfigured German Pinscher searches for home”

What are you talking about disfigured? HE'S CUTE AS HELL! I see no disfigurement. He's a normal dog. Who just wants a family who will love him. And we take in animals with health and disfigurement all the time: animal's who are blind, have heart disease, missing eyes, and even I see no reason why anyone can't adopt this perfectly healthy and normal dog. I wish I could but my dog won't allow it

You're right. We mostly had floppy-eared mutts & just had to clean their ear a lot. Cropping dogs ears is a horrible practice & I hate to see dogs who've had it done

Dogs with pronounced floppy ears are more prone to infections, however the breeds where this is an issue (like cocker spanials or poodles) are not the breeds that you find getting their ears hacked off. The breeds targeted for this barbaric practice tend to have smaller half-prick ears (minpin, doberman, bouvier) and they are not more infection prone than a dog with fully upright ears. This is done purely for aesthetics, and there is really no excuse for it.

Floppy ears are not natural (that's been bred into dogs usually to help with gathering scent for game hunting). Floppy eared dogs have a tendency to develop ear infections because of the buildup of moisture under the ear flaps, so part of getting ears cropped is also to return to a more natural ear with less likelihood of ear infections.

It's good to see in the comments here that extraordinary animals have an audience too. I'm an underdog too, so I can empathize with all the physically and emotionally damaged animals here. Why not pair them up with someone who knows their pain? Now they can help each other heal and be happier together. I think it's the perfect union.

I hate that people would crop dogs ears thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard of!!! There ears should stay the same their whole lives!!! Stupid people

It isn't nuts when done by an actual medical professional with proper anesthetics…we got our dobie not too long after getting cropped, (maybe a day or two I think?) and she did not have any pain. She sure loved to play with the wrapping and the squishy post thing though! xD This really is something that the owner really should have the ability to choose on, instead of gov't banning it. Because the poor dog in this vid is a good example of what happens when professionals aren't around to do it!

I had a Norwegian Elkhound whose ears were floppy when she was a puppy. I wished she stayed that way but eventually the pricked up on their own. She was still cute as an adult though. I

CROPPING IS NUTS. And at home? Seriously? What part of taking a pair of scissors to anyone's skin and flesh ever a good, safe or humane indea?!?!?!
And how would you feel if your parents didn't like your face and gave you plastic surgery when you were a kid.. seriously.. -_-

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