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dogs 101 02-01a german shorthaired pointer [webrip lks]-1.mkv

dogs 101 02-01a german shorthaired pointer [webrip lks]-1.mkv

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missing my pointers. I can't be the only college kid who watches pointer videos to make up for the fact that they miss their dogs while they're away at school, can I?

I have a GSP.  She's still young, but damn it is hard to wear her out.  I spend about 2-3 hours a night exercising her and she's still full of energy.  Our exercise usually includes 30-45 min walk and jog, 45-60 min throwing toys for her to retrieve or other activities to get her to sprint, 15-30 obedience training and mental stimulation, and then either 15-30 min of bird hunting training or whatever else – that doesn't include our 30-60 morning exercise either.  If I don't spend at least 2 hours exercising her every night, she'll be a little demon and act up.  With that said, she's an amazing dog and I love her to death.  If you can handle their exercise requirements, you'll love the breed.  She's also extremely intelligent, she learned most of her commands in less than 30 mins and she is constantly observing and figuring out how to do new things, so you have to be on your toes because she'll test you.  She also loves laying with me and being right by my side 90% of the time.  She doesn't bark though, at all.  I think that is just her though because every other one I've met barks.  

So that's kind of what you can expect with these dogs – super energetic, friendly, intelligent, and cuddly friends. My wife picked the breed for looks and their desire to be close to their owners, but she had no idea how energetic they were (even though I warned her many times). If you're active and willing to put 2-3 hours towards exercising your dog, like me, then this is an amazing breed; but if you're like my wife who just wants a cuddly couch friend, then  you should find a more mellow breed.  There's no way my wife could handle this breed on her own lol. Okay, long post done.

have a 6 month gsp best decision of my life + i life in a apartment. they are fine as long as you give them exercise

Noooo my kid was knocked over on to the soft grass !!!! What ever shall we do XD all dogs knock kids over at a stage ps it's only the pups and kids that do that…

If this is you "My German Shorthaired Pointer is so Hyper" , Then get it more exercise. These are very good dogs, if you can get them enough exercise. 

I adopted a dog through Lab Rescue. Not looking like a full Lab I began looking at cross breeds an discovered I have a Lab/Pointer. He is so awesome and is an all around dog. He has the best qualities of both breeds, without health issues. Koda, is a great dog for us.

SAR: hardly any GSDs (compared to retrievers and Mals)
IPO: most of them are Mals (GSD won this year, that is true)
agility: never seen a GSD doing that, that is border collie territory
drug sniffing: GSPs, Viszlas, labs
Again, working line GSD, protection trained is a shitty pet. Unless you find it OK to be in a constant fear that off duty on his take a dump walk will try to attack another dog, a cat or strangers if they move wrong.

Working line GSD (not those show line freaks) are just a little less drivey and energetic than Mals.
Perfect for kids? Again, working line is different than show frogs.
More popular? HAHAHA! Not in a million years. Most popular breed is Malinois when it comes to work. And drug detection is usually done by labs and GSPs, SAR: retrievers (labs, flats, goldens) and Mals most popular. guide dog? 90% of them are labs. "bite work" for cops and military? 80% Mals. Best pet dog? Labs or flats.

I remember when my pointer was a small pup at my dad's house.. She didn't like the Rooster he had and she would always stop, point, and howl for me to get her xD
She would hide behind stumps and point at the thing whenever it was outside the barn. Oh Lord I miss her :c

Really? They are used for hunting, narcotics, explosive, SAR. They can do anything a lab can besides being a guide dog and probably you can find a "lazy" enough GSP for that. + this one can also be a house pet and working dog, which Mals and GSDs can't be.

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