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Min Pin Rescue (

Min Pin Rescue (

Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. (IMPS) was formed in July of 1998. The mission is to improve the lives of homeless and abandoned Miniature Pinschers through rescue and the love and respect that comes with humane care, compassion and kindness. IMPS attempts to assist Miniature Pinschers in need by providing foster care, transport, adoptive homes, veterinary care, and other services and information for the well-being of Miniature Pinschers. All Miniature Pinschers placed through IMPS will be spayed or neutered prior to placement, and have been thoroughly evaluated by a breed representative for temperament and training needs.

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I just adopted little Pini from the Humane Society of North West Indiana. I drove from Cleveland Ohio to Gary Indiana a total of 800 miles round trip to get her. A total of 15 hours driving there, the paperwork and back. We are so happy with Pinni, but it is work. We were told she was house broke and used a pad and would go outside. Well we found that she released herself both front and back all over our house.

Well, we are training her and after 6 days as of owning her and this post, she is going outside and peeing, but still having pup accidents inside…i would rather have that than the former (easier to clean up). We are continuing to train her and she is learning to come, to go, to stay, to lay and to sit….all this in only 6 days. Such a great little pooch. An incredible lap dog and very vigilant

I am very happy to have adopted this little bugger. This is our second adopted dog…..the other is an African Basenji/Jack Russell Terrior mix adopted from FUPA while we lived in Las Vegas….FUPA stands for Foreclosed HOmes Upon.

Please adopt …. help these little guys get the home they deserve…they will thank you with their antics and genuine fun.

Thank you for listening.

Thanks IMPS for all you do, Roo found his forever home with me and is my faithful companion and is living the good life all rescue dogs deserve.

Thank god for IMPS!! They are the ones who helped us get our little girl's knee cap operated on. Chyna is doin awesome thanks to IMPS!! Wonderful Organization & People! AWESOME BREED!! Very independant. Luv our little girl and the wonderful ppl at IMPS!
Keep up the AWESOME work you do! Koo do's!

We have min pin from IMPS, he is a greatest little doggie, he is still scared, mostly of man…but loves us and his new home and we love him soooo much. His new name is ZSUZSU (like ZSAZSA)…
thank you all , thank you Carla, Terri, George, Tiffany…and all the great good hearted people at IMPS, we love you

This is an amazing organization. I have rescued 2 min-pin girls from IMPS and they are amazing. One was severely damaged from being a puppy mil momma. she was starving and around 3 pounds when she was rescued. 3 years later she is at a healthy weight of 7lbs + loves us dearly but scared of other people and quite frankly I can't blame her. She get's better and better every day. Our 2nd one was neglected in a backyard and starving as well. She is very shy with strangers but a clown w/ us.

My daughter just found a "Min PIn". We spent the evening looking for the owner but to no avail. He is a very well behaved dog. Just did some research on the bread. We have two Mini Dachshunds and they seem to get along great. If we can't find the owner I think that he will make an incredible addition to the family. Very well demeanored dog. I'm impressed. I never thought about a Miniature Pinscher before. Cool dog.

Nice job, and thanks to all IMPS volunteers.
I am an IMPS supporter and have 2 IMPS dogs that go everywhere and do everything with me.

beautifully done! I am an IMPS volunteer in Florida, and so proud to be associated with such a hard-working and dedicated group.

u kno u have to have expenses for the dog right? min pins need that extra loving care too not just food and water everyday plus u said u dont have enough money to get a dog but how about the EXPENSESSSSS dog food water medical stuff for the dog think b4 u get a dog b/c thats y so many ppl leave their dogs out there bc of money problems
think b4 u adopt

was 1:55 just the camera giving the dog different color eyes? cause if not, I'm sure the university of illinois would love to buy that dog.

Excellent video! Thanks for sharing. I am an IMPS volunteer in MT and so proud to be part of this fantastic organization.

my min pin, Joker, is a character. He's 11 yrs. old and we have had him since he was 6 months old. The breeder was going to put him down because nobody would buy him because he was a litter leftover. I have 5 dogs all of which I got because someone didn't want them.

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