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No More Tainted Pet Food: Using Homemade Dog Food Recipes For A Healthier, Happier Pet

There are many places to find dog food recipes if you are considering making your pet’s food. There are also important points to think about when you make their food like sticking to the recipe, talking to a veterinarian, and paying attention to how your dog reacts to the food.

Two common places to find dog food recipes are on the Internet and through your local veterinarian. The Internet is not always trustworthy though. You cannot be sure that someone who posted their own idea for a dog food recipe is the right meal for your dog. Some of the factors might include the type of dog that they have and the types of foods in the recipe. If the dog food recipes are coming from a credible place on the internet like an animal shelter, a veterinarian, or some other place you can trust then you most likely are safe to use the recipe.

The best place to find dog food recipes is through your local veterinarian. Your vet already knows your dog best. He or she knows their digestive tract and what kinds of foods you can start your pet off with and how you can transition your animal from traditional dog food to homemade food. Many veterinarians already have recipes they can give to you so you can go home and make your pets food. Working with your vet ensures the health of your animal.

Switching your dog over to homemade dog food is a big transition. Your animal may not take the food change very well at first. For instance, your dog may not seem as if they like it or they might not be eating as much. You will notice a change in their stools. Your animal may vomit for a couple of days because their digestive tract is not used to healthy food. Be sure during the transition your dog is getting plenty of water. One thing that might be recommended is that you slowly break your dog into the new dog food rather than do a total change at once.

When you make homemade dog food, even the vet will tell you not to change the recipe. You might think you are being creative or making your pet happy by adding bacon grease to the mixture, don’t. You also should not substitute foods within a dog food recipe. Stick to the recipe. If the recipes are too expensive for you then you might not be able to afford feeding your dog homemade foods. Many people have made their animals very sick by not properly cooking the foods to save time or substituting foods to save money. For your dog’s health, stick to the recipes.

Dog food recipes are fantastic when you find them from the right sources. You should only trust your veterinarian or a reliable source for a recipe and you should follow it exactly. The purpose of making homemade dog food is for your dog’s health. So you should follow the recipes and pay attention to how your pet responds.

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