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Welcoming Spring With Your Pooch

At last, spring has arrived! Depending on where you live, you’re either about to enjoy or already basking in sunshine and warmer weather. Aside from your annual spring cleaning tradition, now’s also the perfect time to get to work on your pooch’s spring checklist of activities to prepare him for the seasonal transition.
Bust those pests
If your dog is not on flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives all year round, the warmer weather is your cue to start administering them. Book an appointment with your vet to make sure your pet is free of heartworms, which is a prerequisite for a prescription. Additionally, check his entire body for ticks after coming in from outside so they can be spotted and removed right away.
Safety first
Put together a canine first aid kit or replenish your current one so it’s always ready for outdoor excursions. Also check with your vet to ensure your dog’s rabies vaccination is up to date. Furthermore, some spring flowers and plants are hazardous to pets, so read up on pet-toxic vegetation and pet-safe gardening.
Freshen up
Give your dog a thorough spring cleaning of his own. Schedule a trip to the groomer or set up a doggie spa at home. Try a different canine shampoo and conditioner, or get a new grooming tool to help remove any loose hairs. If you don’t have one yet, begin a grooming routine to keep your pet feeling and smelling great. Don’t forget to clean his ears, give him a good brushing, trim his nails, and keep his teeth spotless.
The same thing goes for your pet’s stuff. Since you’re already in cleaning mode, wash his bedding and toys, and repair or throw them away as needed. Go through his treats as well and discard those that have already expired.
Wardrobe update
Get your pooch a new colorful spring collar, as well as update any hard to read or incorrect information on his identification tags.
Take a trip
Prepare for a spring or early summer weekend break with your dog. With several dog-friendly accommodations and dog-friendly travel websites to help you plan your getaway, the choices are endless.
Try something new
Participate in fun activities you’ve never tried before, such as a training or agility class, hiking, or dock diving.
Keep your local animal shelters in mind as you go about your spring cleaning routine. Set aside commonly requested items such as carriers, kennels, pet beds, towels, bedding and blankets, and cleaning supplies. To find out exactly what they need, give them a call.

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