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Old Dog Kidney Failure

Old Dog Kidney Failure

Old Dog Kidney Failure

Old dog kidney failure, also known as canine kidney failure or chronic renal failure in dogs, is more common than most pet owners realize.

Although dog kidney failure sometimes occurs due to poisoning (this is known as acute kidney failure), it’s more likely that your dog has developed it over a period of years.

Unfortunately, old dog kidney failure is one of those “silent” diseases. Your dog generally won’t show canine kidney disease symptoms until about 75 percent of kidney function is gone, and by then, it’s too late to do anything that will bring recovery.

As with humans, your dog’s kidneys are designed to filter out toxins and to process fluids in the system. When the kidneys become damaged, they’re no longer able to perform these duties efficiently. Toxins build up and begin to interfere with normal organ function. This begins a downward spiral in your dog’s health.

The first symptom of old dog kidney failure is thirst. You’ll notice your dog drinking a lot more water than he or she has done in the past. This will also result in more urination than usual. As kidney function decreases, your dog will also

lose weight
become constipated
experience bouts of nausea
eat less,
show signs of weakness and fatigue.

Talk to your vet as soon as you can as you begin to notice canine kidney disease symptoms. He or she can administer a blood test and urinalysis to determine if kidney failure has begun.

Old dog kidney failure cannot be reversed, but there are some things you might be able to do to reduce your dog’s discomfort during the process. Your vet may administer fluids, which help the kidneys to function better.

There’s some evidence that giving your dog a low-phosphorus and low-sodium diet may be helpful. There’s a debate about whether a low protein diet is beneficial or not.

Talk to your vet to get his or her opinion. Dry food isn’t recommended. Moist food provides some fluid content and is generally easier on the dog’s kidneys.

Many vets also recommend several supplements for chronic renal failure in dogs, including Omega 3 fatty acids from marine fish oil. These fatty acids help reduce inflammation and may slow kidney deterioration. Vitamin E and Vitamin C also seem to be helpful.

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Mastiff Dog – A History Course

The Mastiff Dog has because of links to history a very long and storied tradition. Right around the sixth century or so Phoenician merchants introduced the mastiff dog into the Britain colonies. The mastiff dog was also utilized by the ancient Celts in battle. They found a major asset of the mastiff dog to be it’s loyalty.

Lived In Ancient Rome

This dog was used to fight in the ancient Roman arenas being captured during the Roman occupation. Then they were transported back to Italy to serve as guard dogs. It has even been stated that the great infamous Hannibal used them extensively. History also notes that Julius Caesar counted the mastiff as one of his favorite pets.

Part Of Ancient Britain

This mastiffs dog hunting prowess was so respected that there was a time in ancient Britain where the middle toes of all mastiffs dogs were removed. This was done so that the mastiffs would not be able to move fast enough to hunt deer who were protected by royal law. When this wasn’t done the dog owner’s were held responsible for their owners. Many British royals utilized the mastiffs dog to protect there vast estates. They did this by releasing the bullmastiff at night to deter trespassers and would be robbers. They also served as pets to the owners.

New World History

The mastiff was present right at the beginning of the Unites States. From the shores of Britain the first mastiff puppies were carried on the Mayflower to America. Seldom used as pets the Mastiff breeds popularity didn’t start to flourish until the late 1800’s. It was in the southern part of America where they started to make there name. This is when they were used on plantations in the South as guard dogs.

War Time Service

Being utilized to pull ammunition carts was the mastiff breed service during both World Wars. For some reason right around the same time period in Britain the mastiff breed was becoming very close to extinction. To help with the efforts to make sure the mastiff dog didn’t go extinct Canada and America both sent to Britain a large number of Mastiffs. Today with an increasing number of bullmastiff puppies and mastiff dogs being picked for pets on both continents we can say the operation obviously worked. This article should have exposed you to more information on the popular mastiff dog and why it’s storied history would make it even more interesting.

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Eco-Friendly Pet Products & St Patrick’s Day Safety Tips with “The Pet Lady” on Good Day Orlando!

Eco-Friendly Pet Products & St Patrick's Day Safety Tips with

It ain’t easy being green!

Eco-Friendly Pet Products and St Patrick’s Day Pet Safety Tips with Dana Humphrey, AKA “The Pet Lady” on Good Day Orlando!

Learn more here

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. Shamrocks, rainbows, beer, leprechauns, green rivers, and everything lucky — this holiday has it all.

However for pets, St. Patrick’s Day can accidentally become unlucky and even dangerous for a number of reasons. Here are some guidelines for keeping your pet safe:

Alcohol – A little green beer on this holiday? Dogs should absolutely never be allowed access to beer or alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is toxic to pets and can make them extremely sick or even worse. If your pooch insists on joining in the festivities, you can buy or make your own doggie beverage. Try organic low sodium chicken broth in a frosty mug or bone broth poured from a growler (look! A beer-related meaning for the word “growler”…!). Or, if you want a 6-pack beer-bottle feeling, buy a doggie-beer such as Dog Beer or Bowser Beer. These non-alcoholic, non-carbonated treats can be a fun novelty for the human family, and won’t harm the family dog. In general it’s best to always be on the lookout for natural, organic and chemical-free ways to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Dye – Wear green or be pinched! We do not recommend dyeing even the most Irish of Wolfhounds green, but if your leprechaun insists, make sure to use non-toxic, all-natural, non-permanent vegetable dye. Be certain the coloring won’t affect sensitive skin and is safe if your dog licks the fur after it’s dyed. Murphy Oil Soap (liquid) is perfect as a safe, natural and non-drying dog shampoo to wash that green right out of their hair.

Clothing – At this time of year, there seems to be no shortage of St. Patrick’s Day costumes to adorn your precious pet. When dressing your pet for the occasion, take a cute photo as soon as the outfit is on. Then if the costume becomes uncomfortable, you can undress your little shamrock and show the photo instead. Animals can become overheated when wearing clothing/costumes. Signs of overheating include panting, acting lethargic or looking anxious. Overheating occurs more rapidly if the pet is in the sun, on a hot day, or in a warm room. Offering plenty of fresh water, and a cool place in the shade can help, but if your pets seem hot or uncomfortable, let them get naked.

Special Events – Parades and parties will be happening all around town. They can be overwhelming and even hazardous to your pet. When taking your pet to parties, communicate with the host or hostess to determine (a) if your pet is welcome and (b) if there will be a “no disturb” area or room for your pet if she becomes agitated. Make sure other guests aren’t tempted to offer unhealthy treats, foods or drink to your dog. Remember that other houses may not be dog-proofed. Table surfing or garbage picking in a bathroom or kitchen may be dangerously appealing to a dog. Pets at holiday parades should be leashed and properly restrained at all times for a parade of reasons.

Adopting – Looking for an Irish dog? Maybe an Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Setter, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Kerry Beagle, Irish Lurcher, Irish Toy Collie, Kerry Blue Terrier, Glen of Imaal Terrier, or an Irish Wolfhound? Whoever you might be looking for as your next four-legged companion, you can adopt an Irish breed at your local shelter or breed rescue. There are many deserving animals waiting to find a home. You’ll both find that the luck of the Irish is with you!

About The Pet Lady:
Dana Humphrey AKA “The Pet Lady” travels from Coast to Coast to pet trade shows and consumer events such as Superzoo, Global Pet Expo, Intergroom, Pet News Now, NAVC, Total Pet Expo, Super Pet Expo and “mutts” more, to scout out the hottest, hippest and most unique pet products on the planet! Bringing you tips and tricks from the top vets, groomers, trainers on how to safely travel and live happy with your pet! From Fox, ABC, NBC and other media outlets “The Pet Lady” will be in a city near you soon, showing off the latest and greatest tech pet gadgets, cozy comforts and fab gift idea’s for man’s (and woman’s) best friend!

Click here to see The Pet Lady on TV:

Twitter: @petladyworld

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Facts You Should Know About A Black Cocker Spaniel

The dog that is great for the family setting and the single person is the cocker spaniel. These dogs are great to play with and have a wonderful and gentle temperament. There are many facts about a black cocker spaniel you should consider before choosing one to take home with you.

Most people have a particular color they like the best in certain breeds of dogs. With this dog breed, there are many choices. One is a solid color of black, white, buff or merle. There are also tan solids as well. You might choose part patter that has two colors together. Many choose to have one that is solid in one color with points colored in another.

This dogs ears are a characteristic trait. They are long and have a feathery appearance. Their coat length is medium and is silky to the touch. Indeed, petting one is a wonderful feeling. These dogs grow to be a medium size. This medium size is one reason many people choose this breed for the indoor pet. Potential owners should know that daily grooming is a great part of the care needed these spaniels.

These spaniels were originally bred for hunting, dating back as far as the fourteenth century. They are smart and are always willing to get to work. This means a lot when you own one as a pet. Keeping this dog busy is a great way to increasing his health and happiness. They are indeed active and are happy go lucky in their temperament.

Those people think of adopting these dogs should also think about the time they will have to invest for socializing. The best tempered dogs are the ones that have been socialized from a young pup. Taking your dog to dog park is the best way to enhance people and other animal socialization for this breed. Trips to the groomer should also start at an early age as well.

While having the need for daily exercise is an important part of this breed, you should know they still are excellent choices for those owners that live in the apartment. If you have a small fenced yard, you have enough to exercise the cocker. Playing is great way to bond with your dog while also helping to keep him or her fit and trim. Those people that are worried about space issues should reconsider adopting this breed.

Some breeds have serious health problems that come down through the generations. Those health issues you may see in this spaniel usually occur with the eyes and happen along in the older dog. Cataracts and glaucoma are two eye issues you may see in this breed as he or she grows older. Your dog may also have troubles with patellar luxation, an orthopedic problem that does sometimes mean surgery.

The black cocker spaniel is indeed a popular pet worldwide. These are the dogs of choice for many families with children as well. Once you have a cocker as friend, you have a true friend that will be loyal and loving to you for his or her entire life. Give back this love by taking good care of your dog. If you cannot provide the love and medical care a dog needs, choose not to own one.

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Dragon Ball Z Kai Goku’s Kaio-Ken Power up

Dragon Ball Z Kai Goku's Kaio-Ken Power up

DBZKAI is owned by funimation and toei animation please support the original release

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N64 Games

5 top N64 games are: 1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) [10.0]

Someone not with out the bases considers this game of the finest of that has ever been created. The plot is that: the Link was the only thing who did not have a fairy… In addition, here the sacred tree has sent it the magic girlfriend that it has gone to the next heroic adventure. It, as usual is rescue of the world from the villain. A drawing and a sound, and also game process and management – all is rather healthy and interesting.

2. GoldenEye 007 (N64) [9.8]

Game follows a film plot (naturally, with some additions and changes). The bond need to liquidate the former colleague and its henchmen by means of the Russian citizen. The quantity of missions is great and is various; their difficulty depends on the chosen level of complexity. A drawing along with a sound are on outstanding level that does game of one top N64 games. 3. Super Mario 64 (N64) [9.4]

Certainly, on a prefix with name Nintendo should be toys with participation of Mario. Them on N64 a little, having said that the present adventure toy only this is Super Mario 64. In kingdom Muhomornom villain Bouzer once more brawls and it means only one – Mario wait tough tests. Plus the gallant Italian plumber goes to a way, beginning it with the lock of princess Pich. , making use of the rich heroic experience, is able to run quickly, extremely to jump, swim and deeply to dive, thrash enemies etc., etc. in general, it really is necessary to enemies is unsweetened. The three-dimensional drawing and a qualitative sound are applied.

4. Conker’s Bad Fur Day [9.3]

Absolutely mad game in a genre black humor. Your hero had extremely poor day. Having got drunk, a lot and wakes up in entirely broken condition and didn’t known where he is. Naturally, now he should think that it is necessary to do and in general to understand, in what, actually, business. Well, … are trifles, but the given mad adventure begins with it and. A drawing, a sound and video prompts made at superb level, since of that we can say that this is 1 of the top N64 games.

5. Donkey Kong 64 [9.0]

Who played three parts on SNES, that can play and in this toy. As usual, villain King K.Roll subjects Kongov to all tests – at it pathological passion to theft of bananas and friends of Donki Konga. Consequently valorous Donki with support of old man Kranki Konga goes to fight. Prompts, the three-dimensional drawing, sound Dolby – all is made at habitually high level (to expect from Nintendo smaller just it’s impossible). ” as the true primacy is able to creep dexterously on palm trees and lianas, speedily to rush on jungle and to knock on heads (and to other bodies) enemies the mighty fists. Well and, of course, butts too are present.

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French Spaniel Breed Description Video

French Spaniel Breed Description Video
Wondering what characteristics are inherent in a dog breed? This Breed Description Video describes one dog owner’s experience.

Quality Puppies available at
Visit us today!

Video created for Marty Martinez

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20 kgs (45 pounds) of plastic removed from bull’s stomach in India

20 kgs (45 pounds) of plastic removed from bull's stomach in India

We rescued a sick street bull who had been living off of garbage his entire life. We knew his stomach was full of plastic and he urgently needed surgery. Our veterinarians surgically removed more than 20 kgs (40 pounds) of plastic and garbage that had been accumulating in his stomach for many years.

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Bernese Mountain Dog learns to eat slow

Bernese Mountain Dog learns to eat slow — Geppetto eats so fast you may even think you forgot to serve his plate. But the Omega Paw Portion Pacer is a fantastic way of slowing him down. Read the full review at

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Lhasa Apso Training: How A Dog Communicates

The principle of lhasa apso training is to share important information to your dog. Since everyone knows that this information is typically about commands that could help him behave appropriately, it’s therefore important to establish effective communication between both of you. When this happens, it would be easy for you to assess your pet’s condition and his response not only to training but to other instances as well. On the other hand, your pet can also easily decipher what you intend him to complete and your response to what he did.

Like humans, dogs communicate in a number of ways. Although they cannot talk the way humans do, they make it up by communicating through:


In addition to howling, whining and whimpering, barking is one of the most well used forms of communication among dogs. Your pet may bark when someone passes by and when that someone gets into the property or his territory, you’ll see that he’ll bark aggressively. In other words, every bark conveys a meaning, he could be sick, feels threatened or feels uncomfortable. Watching your dog each time he barks will help you learn what the barking is for.

Body language

Dogs are well-versed in body language the same way humans do. If your pet walks in circle and sniffs around, it simply means that he needs to relieve himself. If the hair at his back is raised, pupils are enlarged and the teeth are bared, he’s showing signs of aggression thus you must be very careful and may need to put off the lhasa apso training to avoid injuries and other problems. A dog is happy if he wags his tail and rolls his tongue to one side.

Eye contact

Eye contact means a lot to dogs. Direct eye contact is used by the pack leader to manage other dogs in the pack; to indicate annoyance to the other dog and confrontation or challenge. If your dog avoids eye contact, it doesn’t only mean that he is showing respect. It may also show submissive behavior or he feels threatened. Understanding eye contact will help you train your dog effectively.


The ears are not only for listening as to what command to follow. It’s also used to signal something; ears that are up and forward means he is alert, when they are back (with tails tucked) it means he’s apprehensive.


Even non-dog owners know that when a dog wags his tail, it simply means that he’s being friendly. But what a lot of them do not know is that, wagging of tail could also signify something. Notice that your dog may also wag his tail when he is agitated or unsure. When he’s frightened, the tail is typically low and is tucked between the legs. A dog that is angry often wags his tail high.