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Should I Get a Dog? Tips for the Potential Dog Owner

All over the globe people are becoming dog owners for the first time. The local Humane Society is good at reminding us there are many dogs in need of a good home. The stories we hear tug at our hearts. Dogs are cute and their “wanting eyes” draw us in. The desire for companionship is two-way, and dogs certainly do a good job at providing unconditional love to steam up anyone’s heart.

But before getting all swept away with the idea of adopting a dog there are a few things to consider in helping you make a well-informed decision. A dog needs a strong leader, a schedule, human interaction, affection, and training. They need activity, and will resort to all types of antics to get your attention–antics you may not be ready for. Taking care of a dog is hard work and takes commitment, not just this week, but for years. Are you ready for that?

Before drawing up the adoption papers, it’s important to educate yourself well on not only the benefits of owning a dog, but the realities. Here are a few common questions and some answers to them:

Should I Get a Dog?

– Yes, if there is a walker or outdoorsy person in the family already. No, if your family is made up of computer-glued, television couch potatoes or individuals who are too busy already. A dog should get a 30 minute walk daily (in suitable weather) and has to be picked up after. No matter how many promises are made by other members of the family, and no matter how excited they are in the beginning, chances are their participation level will wane quickly. Walking a dog and picking up after it, has to be taken on by someone who is serious about it and available.

– Yes if you can afford to take care of it. Don’t be fooled into thinking dogs are inexpensive. Adequate care requires regular checkups and vaccines as well as food, flea and tick control, boarding costs while you’re on vacation, accessories and chew toys, and funds in case of emergency medical treatment.

– Yes if you have time in your schedule to fit the dog in on a regular basis. No if it will be left alone for long days at a time.

Should I Get a Dog for the Children?

– Newborn babies and preschoolers are a handful, and adding a dog can cause extra stress for all. A dog probably won’t get adequate attention or exercise when competing with small children in a busy family. In addition, some children aren’t good with dogs and some dogs aren’t good with children. Safety should be considered.

– If your child is around 12 years old and up, adopting a dog may be the perfect time. By then the children are more responsible. A dog is good for the growing child to transfer his affection to when cuddling with mom or dad is no longer cool. A dog can also fill a spot for the mother who’s missing the children as they are growing up, since owning a dog is like having a two year old. Don’t expect a teen will take on the full maintenance though, no matter how many times you remind him. Only adopt a dog if a responsible adult is willing to put in the effort.

When considering adopting a dog, ask questions and visit as many adoption centers as you like. You can get good information from the staff and volunteers at the adoption centers as well as from books, the Internet, speaking with vets, groomers or other dog owners. There is no question too basic to ask. Be prepared, however, there is no “one-size fits all dogs” answer. Dogs each have their own personalities and your family situation is unique to you. What works for one dog owner may not work for you. As a matter of fact, you may speak to two different experienced dog owners and get two very different pieces of advice. Take what they offer you and try it for yourself, or trust your gut.

If at first you don’t find a dog that fits what you have in mind, hold off. There are new dogs available for adoption all the time.

Once you feel you’ve covered most of the bases, and find the pooch of your dreams, go for it!

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Luxury All The Way

Those seeking a dream holiday in Mauritius will want to take full advantage of the range of activities the island has to offer. You will be spoilt for choice whether you prefer to relax at world class hotels, indulge in spa treatments, play golf or go shopping. We have identified some of the top activities that will make your holiday even more special.


The first step to be sure to get you in the mood for relaxation is to pay a visit to a spa. Put yourself in the soothing hands of an expert who will massage away your aches and pains. The most popular spas are One & Only Le Saint Géran, the Royal Palm, Hilton, Prince Maurice, Beau Rivage, Oberoi, The Residence, Sofitel Imperial and Dinarobin hotels which are a must have inclusion to your holiday itinerary.


The island is the ideal destination to practice, perfect or improve your golf skills. Several of the hotels have first class golf courses such as the three 18 holes at Le Paradis at Le Morne Belle Mare Plage hotel, and One&Only Le Touessrok Golf Course, five 9 holes at Trou aux-Biches, Shandrani (Blue Bay), St Géran (Poste de Flacq), Maritim (Balaclava) and the Sofitel Impérial (Wolmar). There are also two championship golf courses at Belle Mare Plage: Legends and Links. By far the most popular and impressive golf course is the One&Only Le Touessrok Golf Course. Situated on its own paradise island surrounded by towering mountains and white sands, all 18 holes have spectacular views of the ocean. Designed by Bernard Langer for recreational and advanced players the One&Only Le Touessrok is the ultimate golf course.


Mauritius has miles and miles of some of the whitest beaches ever. Nautical activities include diving, deep sea fishing, sailing, windsurfing and waterskiing. A vantage point from the coast at Tamarin Bay on the west of the island provides a unique opportunity to spot long beaked dolphins and black dolphins. Take a trip deep sea fishing for blue/black marlin, sharks, yellow tuna or the barracuda species. On land Blue Bay beach located on the South West of the island is an ideal location for enjoying the Mauritius climate. The tiny island of Ile aux Cerfs has one of the best beaches in Mauritius where you can combine total relaxation with the fun of a range of watersports.

Eating Out

Mauritians like to experiment and be adventurous with their food- this is surely testament to the diversity and culture of the islands roots. The island continues to serve visitors top quality cuisine such as Creole, Chinese and Indian food.


Mauritius offers both diversity and quality in its shopping. There are a few duty-free shops exclusive to tourists. Leading brands of shirts, trousers and suits are reasonably priced whilst model ships, basketwork, pottery and specialty drinks and food jars make for delightful gifts. Coffret des Iles available to purchase from most hotels, selling a range of gift parcels that can be delivered to France, England and Germany within 72 hours.

The natural beauty of a luxury holiday in Mauritius is made even more special by the hospitality and level of service the island offers.

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More Shocking Myths About Fitness The Gym And Your Diet

There’s a very common myth in bodybuilding that, “Squats are bad for your knees.” Hello! Any lift is bad for you if you execute it wrong. This whole myth came about because one too many people ended up trashing their knees from doing too much weight with horrible form. The reason squats became the villain is because it is an exercise that involves the entire body, and therefore has more things that can go wrong if one uses incorrect form. When squatting it is critical to keep the head and eyes straight ahead, the back at no more than a 45-degree angle, with the feet at, or slightly past shoulder width apart. When lifting, the backs of your legs should come down until they are parallel with the floor. Many people only do partial reps, thinking it puts less stress on the knees. Fact is, if you only do 1/2 or 1/4 squats, the stress from stopping short puts a lot of negative stress on the knees. When performing a full parallel squat, it is the glutes and hamstrings, which absorb the stress.

Also, avoid “accessorizing” as much as possible. If you find that you can”t squat as much as you would like without wrapping your knees and compressing your body with a suit or belt, give your ego a rest and go down in weight! Belts and body suits can give a sense of false security. They also hinder the abdominals from fully developing as stabilizer muscles, so they should be used sparingly. Knee wraps are downright dangerous. Not only do they prevent the muscles around the knee from properly developing, they also compress the kneecap. Both of these can lead to serious injury. Bottom line, most of the people who claim that squats gave them bad knees probably used bad form, did partial reps with horrific amounts of weight, all the while wrapped up in a Catwoman bodysuit, with tourniquets around their knees!

Myth: “When doing cardio, train with low intensity “in the zone” to burn the most fat.”
Fact: This is more of a misunderstanding than an actual myth. What compounds the issue is the fact that the so-called “target heart-rate zones” are stamped right on the cardio equipment. Apparently lower intensity workouts are supposed to be in the “fat burning zone,” while higher intensity are in the “cardio training zone.” So does this mean that once you increase the level of intensity the body all of a sudden stops burning fat??

There is actually some truth to the theory about the body burning more bodyfat at a lower intensity level, however it is only part of the equation. A higher percentage of the calories burned during low-intensity cardio do come from the bodyfat stores. However, overall a much higher number of calories are burned during higher intensity cardio workouts, and therefore more actual fat is being burned. The third part of the equation comes after the workout is done. The body will continue to burn bodyfat after an intense cardio session for about 24 hours, whereas with a lower intensity workout the body will stop burning excess bodyfat shortly after completion.

Myth: “For best results use “the pros” workout plans.”
Fact: This myth is very prevalent, and also very dangerous. Some of these workouts look as if the writers have taken every possible lift in existence and put them all into one workout. Combine that with the ungodly number of sets and reps they say you are supposed to do and you”ve got an overtraining disaster waiting to happen! Another issue with a number of these workouts is that the athletes featured often have little to nothing to do with actually writing the workout. Sometimes it comes down to nothing more than a publisher approaching a pro bodybuilder and saying, “Here”s a check if you”ll let us use your name and pictures to endorse a workout program.” Bottom line is we really have no way of knowing who it was that actually wrote the program.

Make no mistake, workout programs with pictorials and exercise explanations are a great way to find new exercises and to learn what lifts work with each muscle group. Exercise extreme caution when reading about the number of sets to perform, though. A good rule of thumb to remember is that you should try and keep your workouts confined to no more than 12 total sets per muscle group. Any more than this and you risk overtraining.

Here are some myths that don”t necessarily focus specifically on nutrition or training, however they continue to plague us nonetheless.

Myth: “I want to lose 20 pounds.”
Fact: Using the scale is the most widely used, and also the absolute worst method for measuring progress. Scale weight tells you absolutely nothing about your body”s composition. What helps to perpetuate this myth are all the government endorsed “body mass index” charts so widely seen nowadays. Problem is, the only factors taken into consideration are height and weight. Nothing is said about bodyfat or lean muscle mass. According the BMI, both Brad Pitt and George Clooney are considered to be overweight, while Arnold Schwarzenegger is morbidly obese!

Using weight, as the sole means of measuring success or failure is very misleading, and can lead to frustration and ultimately to failure. One may think that they want to lose 20 pounds, but after weeks of intense training and sound eating, they”ve only lost 8 pounds, so they think they”ve failed. What they fail to realize is that while they”ve been losing bodyfat, they”ve been gaining muscle. In reality they may have lost a significant amount bodyfat, but they allow themselves to feel defeated because the scale still makes them feel fat. The best way to measure progress is to get out the old measuring tape and tape everything. If your waist, and also for women hips, are losing inches while everything else remains constant, then you are making progress. Taking monthly pictures will help as well. Since we see our own bodies every day, we often fail to notice the progress we”ve made, until we get a visual of what we looked like a month or two ago.

Myth: “This magic pill will make you lose weight without diet or exercise!”
Fact: Having heard these words, the scale on the old “BS” Alarm should be registering off the charts. With that being said, everyone needs to take a deep breath and repeat after me, “There is no magic pill that will make me thin. The only way to lose bodyfat and get healthy is through sound diet and exercise.” Feel better? Fact is, we as a society have gotten so lazy that we spend billions of dollars a year on crap that we know won”t work, but we drain our pocketbooks anyway “just in case it”s true.” Stop it already!

Reality check: Yes there are in fact supplements available that will assist you in the burning off of excess bodyfat. The key word here is assist. Of course the FDA keeps banning all the best ones like Fen-Phen and ephedra! But even those are not “magic pills” that alone will give you the body you desire. You will still have to eat right and exercise in order for them to be effective.

Summary: As you can see, myths and Urban Legends concerning bodybuilding and physical fitness continue to bombard us. Every day new myths are born, and old ones seem to somehow resurrect themselves. The best way to debunk a potential myth is to do some research for yourself. Expand your own knowledge, and do not rely simply on the word of others. The fact that someone works in a health food store, or is a “personal trainer” does not make them an expert, especially since it has become so easy to get “certified” anymore that a monkey can become a personal trainer!

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Choosing The Correct Dog For Your Family

If you are thinking of buying a dog dont be hasty and pick one for all the wrong reasons such as just seeing it in a shop or through a shop window. A better way of buying one would be to learn more about the various breeds and then bringing your choices down to a few. Here are a few tips to help you.

You must know the size of your home and family and the yard space as well as the number of children. Is there anything particular that you are looking for in a dog? There are some who would like a demure one while others want a lively, active one. Look into the various kinds on the internet and bring your list down to a small one. Narrowing the list will help you to make a wise choice.

You could also try to analyze the reason for wanting to own a dog. Maybe your children are the reason for buying it or you could have met a lonely one somewhere and desired to have it. It is a good idea to be aware of various kinds of dogs. The common ones are the spaniels, the mongrels, greyhounds, sheepdogs and some cross varieties. Classification of breeds can be done on various bases such as the work they do to their looks.

The pastoral group contains herding dogs to look after their livestock such as the German shepherd and is comparatively easy to train. The terriers were originally involved in killing jobs hence they are quite tough and strong such as Bull terrier and Staffordshire bull terrier. The toy dogs are generally just good companions otherwise known as lap dogs. The Yorkshire terrier is an example of this kind and is a mild and affectionate pet dog. The working type is meant for searching and guarding and also to pull boats, carts and to rescue. Some of these are the boxer and the Doberman. The hounds are hunting dogs that use their sense of smell and are particularly independent like the foxhound.

Selecting the right type of dog is quite a daunting task and one has to be really committed to taking care of it. If you make the mistake of selecting the wrong breed then it could end with a lot of misery on all sides.

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Discover How To Potty Train A Puppy Effectively From Carrie Herst

Having a new Pomeranian is a wonderful experience, but it also requires patience. One of the most difficult parts of puppy ownership is learning how to potty train a Pomeranian. Your dog will look to you for guidance, so here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Puppies under the age of five months will need to pee very frequently. They are too young to control their bladder, so it is up to you to pay attention to their needs. It is not uncommon for a very young puppy to need to urinate every two hours.

Make yourself and your dog follow a routine schedule. Get up around the same time everyday and take the puppy out. Give food and water at the same times, and allow the dog to urinate after every meal. Finally, take it out before you go to sleep. Young puppies may need even more bathroom breaks, learn what your puppy needs and use it as a guide.

If you walk your dog in a place that has to be picked up after, then you should stick with dry dog food. This will keep the stools solid. Dry food will make the puppy very thirsty, so give it plenty of water. Take away the food and water a couple of hours before you both go bed.

Crates are an essential part of puppy training. It must be used whenever you aren’t available to watch the dog, because it won’t soil a small confined that it has to lay in. If possible, keep the crate in a spot that has a washable floor, such as tile.

Don’t be too upset when accidents happen. It is a part of dog ownership. However, you must take care of the scent. Regular cleaners may not work because a dog’s nose is very sensitive. The puppy may think of the scented spot as a toilet area. A remedy for urine is a 50/50 vinegar and water mix. Pet stores will also offer odor cleansers specialized for this reason.

Once you know the mechanics of how to potty train a Pomeranian, all you need is a bit of patience. The best thing you can do to make training work is to be consistent and stick to the routine. Carrie Herst is one expert to contact if you need more information about Pomeranians.

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Absolute Essentials For Your Pet Teacup Chihuahuas’ Health And Contentment

You can find some essential chihuahua supplies you will need to purchase for ones Chihuahua female or male pup to take good proper care of him, keep him safe and joyful and help make your life a lot simpler. Basically, you will require a collar along with a leash, an ID tag, a crate, small dog bed, food and water bowls, grooming supplies, toys, and possibly gates and a pen. Each of these items will be elaborated upon below:

Collar and Leash
Lets begin with collars. There are numerous various collars on the market for diverse purposes and they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The sort of collar you should get for ones Chihuahua puppy is merely a standard buckle collar. These collars are fastened with a buckle (it is possible to acquire a quick release plastic buckle for convenience), they’re made of leather, nylon or cotton and also the collar itself could be either flat or round. These kinds of dog collars are adjustable and won’t tighten on your Chi puppies neck when these are fastened. You’ll need the collar to be extra small obviously!

Leashes are produced from cotton, nylon or leather. Again, they come in numerous colours and patterns. You’ll only require a smaller, thin, lightweight leash for ones Chihuahua dog.

You are required by law to have a leash on your own canine whenever you might be in public. They give you control over your dog and are handy throughout obedience coaching.

ID Tag
If your Chihuahua pup ever runs away you’ll surely want an individual to return your pet to you. And exactly how can they do that if he doesn’t possess id? The ID tag should have your name, address, and telephone number and must be attached to your puppies collar which must be attached to your pet, at all times.

A crate makes carrying and housebreaking your Chihuahua much less difficult! In addition , it gives him a home away from home where he can feel extra safe.

Crates are built from either metal or plastic. It’s up to you which kind you purchase. Metal crates provide far more ventilation in the course of hot days, whereas plastic crates offer much more of a den like environment for ones pup.

Whichever one you pick, be certain that you invest in a crate big enough that he or she can comfortably stand up, turn about, and lay stretch out in. Also, get a crate in a bigger dimension to allow for any development in your dog.

Small dog bed
You’ll need some sort of bed linen to line his crate with so he can sleep in it comfortably. On the other hand you can get a small dog bed that is comfortable for your Chihuahua. Based on where you plan on keeping the dog bed, you might want it to match the rest of your home

Food and Water Bowls
A good food and water bowl are essential. Make sure the bowls you obtain are microwave and dishwasher safe. Be certain they’re sturdy so they cannot be flipped over. And make sure they are the proper size, if they are extremely deep it may well make it complicated for your little Chihuahua pet to eat and drink.

Grooming Gear
Should you possess a long haired Chihuahua you might want to purchase a brush and also a comb, and he will will need brushing and combing frequently not only to keep him looking appealing but to also prevent matting which will need to be cut out if it happens from lack of brushing. In case you have a short haired Chihuahua you’ll only require a brush.

Nail clippers are also vital to maintain your Chihuahua’s nails at a good length. His toe nails won’t naturally wear down, they should be cut with nail clippers frequently. Lengthy nails will cause him to slip on difficult floors and ultimately lead to soreness.

A good dog shampoo is an additional necessity for keeping your Chihuahua puppies coat clean and killing fleas. Sadly, you can not use human shampoo on your Chihuahua as it will dry out his skin.

Toys are a necessary product on your purchasing list. Your Chihuahua wants to have something to play with all the time! Toys keep him active and stop him from chewing on your own furniture, clothes and slippers. They also provide entertainment for him.

Pup Gates
If you’ve got stairs, add pup gates to your buying list. These will stop him from dropping down the stairs. These are obtainable from the family pet shop and will expand to fit the size of your stairway.

Exercise Pen
In the course of housebreaking it just isn’t a great idea to give your Chihuahua pup full reign of the house. And exercise pen is a great method to give him room to play, as well as be close to you, without having to watch him 24/7.

Chihuahua clothing is at the same time very trendy. The Chihuahua pet supplies talked about above will keep your Chihuahua female or male pleased and comfortable. And when they are satisfied they will extend more affection towards you. You will profit in the long-run!

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Animal Testing on Beagles

Most of us can agree that animal testing is usually a barbaric practices. We see smoking monkeys, rats with ears growing out of their backs, and guinea pigs injected with more hormones than a teenage boy. But did you know that the companies who test on animals also use dogs?

Beagles are notoriously mild-mannered, food motivated, and tolerant of poking and prodding. This is the reason they make such wonderful family dogs. Unfortunately, it is also the reason Beagles are so often selected and bred for animal testing. Their willingness to accept their fate for a dog biscuit makes them ideal candidates for abuse in the name of science. They are just too easy going for their own good.

There are facilities whose only purpose is to breed animals for scientific or medical testing, and Beagles are a choice breed for this purpose. Typically, an animal used for testing never sees the light of day. They are moved from the breeding facility to the testing facility inside opaque creates and are given treatments, foods, injections, or even operations as early as puppy hood. These Beagles do not get the love and attention that all dogs so desperately need. Instead, they are treated as large lab rats and kept locked up for the duration of their short, miserable lives. It is surprising more people don’t know about animal testing on Beagles because it is such an outrage. Most animal rights activist focus on the larger issue of livestock treatment as it is far more common than beagle testing.

The range of testing on Beagles is vast. Often times this research is something deemed necessary by the medical community, which is harder to protest. Experimental surgeries have been performed on many Beagles in the name of human health and the future of it. Besides these surgeries, questionable food products being evaluated by the FDA are often fed to Beagles to gauge their safety. Cleaning chemicals, perfumes, and pharmaceuticals are all also tested on Beagles. Some are applied topically, added to the food, squirted in the eyes, or even injected into the bloodstream.

Besides the cruelty of the tests themselves, animal rights activists have spent years trying to shut down various animal testing facilities. They have acquired documentation in the form of testimony of former employees and video of animals being abused in these facilities beyond the testing itself. These animals are left to whither in cages not even large enough for them to stand in. Video has surfaced of testing facility employees physically abusing these dogs when there is no logical reason for it.

The unfortunate side of this coin is that animal testing has led to many breakthroughs in human and veterinary medicine. Without animal testing, many diseases and ailments thus far would never have been cured or even made treatable. While the Beagle’s unwilling participation in these horrific tests seems to be little more than cruel and unusual punishment, the more ethical side of animal testing has made great strides in medicine and health, for animals and people alike.

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Fascinating Historical Structures Attract Visitors to Malta

Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a small country located on an archipelago consisting of seven islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. Specifically, it lies to the north of Libya, south of Sicily, and east of Tunisia. It is considered a Southern European country and is a member of the European Union.

Although being an island country makes Malta a unique place to vacation, its history makes it fascinating. In Malta you’ll find what is believed to be the oldest freestanding structure in the entire world. It is an ancient megalithic temple called il-Ggantija, and it dates back to before 3500 BC. Another ancient temple, Hagar Qim, is located on a hilltop on the southern coast of Malta, which was built sometime between 3200 and 2500 BC.

The people who built the ancient temples either died out or moved on and the country was later colonized by the Phoenicians around 700 BC. The islands really began to develop, however, when the Romans took control of them in 218 BC. In fact, many of the old Roman structures still exist there.

Between AD 870 and 1091, Malta was ruled by the Arabs who introduced methods for growing citrus fruits and cotton as well as systems for irrigation. After the Arab rule ended, the Sicilian Normans moved in. Finally, in 1283 the County of Malta was established and so was the Maltese nobility. Many of the noble titles created at the time are still in use today.

In 1814 Malta was officially given to the British Empire as a result of the Treaty of Paris. Because of its location, it was an important port for trading ships. In World War II, Malta played such an essential role for ships that the Maltese people were awarded the George Cross by King George VI. A picture of the cross is still featured on a corner of the Flag of Malta.

Finally, on September 21, 1964 Malta was granted independence. For a time, Malta continued to recognize Queen Elizabeth II as the Queen of Malta and had a Governor-General who acted on her behalf. Then, in 1974, Malta became a republic and followed a president as head of state.

In 1980, Malta declared its policy of neutrality. Since then, it has been the location of some important political meetings, such as President George H.W. Bush’s first meeting with Soviet leader Gorbachev in 1989, which signified the end of the Cold War.

The beautiful islands of Malta and their rich history attract thousands of vacationers every year. Fortunately, Malta is equipped with several hotels and holiday apartments to accommodate its many tourists.

Examples of hotels in Malta are:

Hilton Malta: This beautiful hotel that is part of the famous Hilton hotel chain is located at the heart of the Waterfront Development Portomosa. It features a stunning view of a yacht marina and a tree-lined promenade. The hotel offers onsite jet skiing, pool, and scuba diving.

Examples of holiday apartments in Malta are:

Villa in Zurrieq, Malta: This three bedroom villa sleeps up to six people. It is located on the southwest corner of the island close to historic sites. It is also just a short distance from swimming areas and the Marsa golf course.

The island nation of Malta offers so many fascinating things to see that you just may tire yourself out visiting them all. That’s okay though-you’ll find plenty of great places to stay at the end of your busy day.

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Top Places For a Holiday in France

France is a little bit of everything country. It is known as the birthplace of fashion trends where well known fashion designers reside and develop new fashions to the market. They are also the makers of the dresses of well known celebrities and several leaders. It is also popular for saloons and spas. In addition, it is also the capital for romance in the world. The setting, the scenery and the culture in itself is romantic. Moreover, the country also has beautiful beaches worth for a holiday break. For the finale, the country in itself is reach in history and culture. These two factors are the main reason why the people of this country are so brilliant, in personality, style and philosophy.

Every region in France has their unique blend of specialties to offer to their visitors. They have their own charm and beauty. To start with, here are the lists of top places for holiday in France. Go over with them and decide your destination this coming holiday.

First is Paris, it is the most popular place in France. It is known for its romantic setting, people and culture. By just hearing the name of the city, romance is the first thing that you would surely think of. Aside from romance, the Eiffel Tower is also situated in Paris. It provides a panoramic view of the city. Moreover, the Louvre, the Opera, the Sacre-Coeur and Saint Germain can also be found in Paris.

Almost every province in France are industrialized, however Alsace was able to preserve its traditions and natural beauty. It is a place filled with geranium, a blooming flower from pink to red in color. Alsace is mainly French in political and social aspects but they are more German on their cuisines and delicacies. Once you are Alsace, never miss to taste their own blend of wine or your visit in the place will be incomplete.

Burgundy is a perfect place for traders and tourists. The Canal of Burgundy connects with Yonne and Saone rivers that run from the north to south Burgundy that provides a great route for barges. The river is also used for boating tourists to provide travelers a river view of their tourist spots. Burgundy is also France wine capital. It is known for their red and white wines that are made from best quality grapes. Since there is a high demand of there wine, it is expensive than any other wine in the country.

Brittany is known for their carved monuments or megalithic art which populates all over the peninsula. It is also known for its calvaries, a crucifix monument on their roadside. Overall, this place is populated with monuments that attract tourists all over the world. Aside from the monuments, Bretons have a good taste of music. They revived their folk music during the seventies and improving it to folk rock.

Normandy is gifted when it comes to geographical attractions. Limestone cliffs are visible on the east and granite cliffs on the west. The place is also filled with several beaches at their central region. Normandy is also gifted with dairy products. Their creams and butter are used for gastronomic specialties.

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Give a Dog a Job

Goody Beagle here. You don’t know me unless you have read my book Dog Park Diary: the social round of Goody Beagle. It’s about my visits to my dog park and who I meet there and all the things we smell. It’s a good book, and mostly true, but after it was published, I discovered that I have more to say about dogs. Now I want to talk about the important work us dogs are here to do, and why you should let us do it.

Everybody is looking for meaning and passion in their life. Even dogs. Our talents and abilities were given to us so we could contribute to the good of all. Dogs are unselfish and generous, as I think most humans would agree. In fact, it was you humans fiddling with our DNA that made us such helpful animals. We were born to work. When we work, we are happy.

Humans take their dogs to dog parks so the dogs can play and have fun, and so can the humans. Some humans also like dog parks because they think dog parks mean they don’t have to take us dogs on walks. If this is what you think, you are wrong.

For one thing, dog parks are not a substitute for walks. When I run around a dog park, I’m not going anywhere, just round and round, smelling the same old smells. It’s fun sometimes, but it’s not enough for us dogs. But a walk, now that’s going someplace! We have a destination and a goal to achieve, and when we get there, we turn around and come home and have a treat and a drink of water. I get exercise so I can keep my body strong and healthy – so I can go back to work.

Secondly, dog parks are not just for play. I like to play as much as the next dog, but the best play is where I get to practice my Beagle skills, like smelling and tracking and howling. That’s my real work in the world. My ancestors were rabbit hunters when rabbits were an important part of humans’ food supply. Just because you humans don’t eat as many rabbits as you used to doesn’t mean that I should be out of a job. Now beagles work as explosive and bomb sniffers, and drug detectives, and even as medical researchers. Our noses are so keen they can detect sickness way before any of your human machines do. So if you want a Beagle to have fun, let us smell and track things. We’ll be happier, and so will you.

But not all dogs are beagles. (Which is too bad for them.) Other dogs have different skills. Take Labrador Retrievers, for instance. Their ancestors worked with fishermen in the icy cold waters off Canada. Because of the rocky coastline, the fishing boats couldn’t come close enough to shore, so the dogs swam to the boats and then back to shore, dragging nets full of fish behind them. It was hard work, but the Labradors loved it. So now, if you take a Lab to the dog park, try to find a dog park that has water – and I don’t mean a water dish, I mean a place to swim. Labradors think that swimming is life itself. And if you really want to make them happy, throw something into the water and let them bring it back to you. This is Labrador heaven.

For another example, take a look at the Terrier clan – any kind of terrier. What makes a terrier happy? A chance to dig, and dig, and then dig some more – especially if there is something in the hole that they can grab hold of and kill – or at least shake around. Terriers’ ancestors were mighty hunters, bred to find any kind of small game or pest that hid in holes. And once they found it, they grabbed it and shook it hard enough to break its neck. This may sound brutal to you, but terriers are proud of their skill, and they should be. Think how many more humans would have died of plague if it hadn’t been for terriers hunting and killing rats! So if you live with a terrier, give them something to chase into a hole. Or play their favorite game with them – tug. This gives them a chance to grab on, shake, and never let go until the other player gives up.

Remember: to a dog, play is not as much fun as work. Water dogs such as Spaniels and Labradors need water to swim in. Hound dogs like Beagles and Bloodhounds need plenty of smell time. Herding dogs like Border Collies or Australian Shepherds are only happy when they are telling others where to go. Give guard dogs like Dobermans something to protect. Give pack dogs like Huskies and Saint Bernards something to carry or pull. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

This is your job as a dog “owner.” (You don’t really own us, you know.) Find out what your dog’s work is, and then let them do it.