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A Few Secrets to Stopping a Dog’s Barking

While dog barking can be a sign of aggression, dogs may bark for different reasons. Dogs tend to bark if they are bored or afraid.

Dog barking can become a problem for the dog owner and a nuissance to the neighbors. The owner of a barking dog may be eager to learn secrets to stopping a dog’s barking.

Many dogs will bark when they are alone because they become bored. A dog owner can reserve some toys including a Kong for the dogs use while the dog owner is not home. A Kong is a dog toy that can be filled with dog treats to keep the dog occupied and mentally stimulated.

Many dog owners unintentionally contributed to the dog barking problem by teaching a dog to bark. When dog barking is a problem, teaching a dog to “speak” on command is not necessarily a good idea.

Barking is a natural behavior for dogs. Many dog owners enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the dog will bark if a stranger approaches the house. The dog owner may want to teach the dog a command to stop barking.

When teaching the dog the “stop barking” or “be quiet” command, the dog should be rewarded with a treat or a clicker when it stops barking. The dog owner has to be careful not to reward the barking, but to wait a few seconds after the dog is quiet before giving the dog a treat.

In the beginning of training a dog stopped barking, the dog owner should tell the dog to be quiet and show the dog a dog treat. The treat should distract the dog enough for the dog to stop barking.

The dog owner should praise the dog for being quiet and give the dog a treat after the dog has been quiet for a few seconds. If the dog resumes barking, the dog owners should repeat this process.

If the dog owners using a clicker, but clicker should be clicked when the dog is given the treat. After pairing the treat with the clicker, the dog owner should be able to use the clicker without a treat. The dog owner should be prepared to give the dog a treat occasionally.