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Problems With Commercial Dog Food

The quality of the ingredients and the chemical preservatives in commercial dog foods are causes for concern for many dog owners. Occasionally, stories of remarkable poor quality content or dog health problems related to dog food become hot topics among dog owners.

Many dog owners have turned to making their own dog food. This gives them control over the quality of their dogs food. Dog owners who continue to feed their dogs commercial dog food may have questions regarding the quality and safety of manufactured dog food.

People can often find information on common concerns about ingredients and consumer reviews of dog food on the Internet. Many people question the quality of specific dog food brands.

Is commercial dog food safe? Is science diet bad dog food? What dog food ingredients should I look for? These are just a couple of the questions that dog owners may have.

In general, wet, canned dog food has more protein and better quality of ingredients than dry dog food. The ingredients in wet dog food are not processed as much as those in dry dog food.

What type of protein is in dog food? The typical commercial dog food contains animal by-products. Animal by-products are the leftover parts of animals that are deemed unsuitable for human consumption. These could be the spleen, blood, bones, intestines, feet, and fat that would not be used in meat products for people.

The words on dog food labels can be misleading. If a dog food is called a lamb dinner, most people would assume that the dog food contains mostly lamb. However, the regulations only require that the dog food labeled as a dinner has at least twenty-five percent of its ingredients be that ingredient.

Even though Science Diet dog food is considered one of the healthier choices for dog food, many of its ingredients are similar to those of other brands of dog food. For questions about the quality of particular brands of dog food, the dog owner can consult their veterinarian and find information on the manufacturers website.