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The Advantages of Leash Training Your Dog

The significance of your dog wearing a leash is often undervalued. Many dog owners do not seem to comprehend the benefits of keeping their dogs on a leash. This article will show you the benefits involved in getting your dog used to a leash.

A lot of dog owners feel that it is fine if their dog is walking alongside them or running free, and by doing this they are ignoring the dangers that accompany this. There is always the chance that your dog might get hit by a car while running free, and this actually happens quite frequently.

There are many benefits involved in walking your dog on a leash. One of these benefits is that it can save the life of your dog, and it will also help with the behavior of your dog. Research proved that walking your dog will stimulate their brain which will in return produce serotonin which will then make your dog feel better. You will also feel less pressured as this activity will reduce the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

By keeping your dog on a leash while walking will also discipline your dog. They will have less of a tendency to run around, and it will also encourage their natural instinct to walk. This will lead to both you and your dog enjoying the activity of walking.

By doing this you will soon realize that the relationship between you and your dog will improve as you will be able to spend more time with them and also form a stronger bond during this period. This is all a part of being a good dog owner. By making use of a dog leash you will be able to go to places that could be possibly dangerous for your dog. Examples of these areas are the streets in town and crowded areas where your dog can easily get lost.

A leash will even give you the option to tie your dog to a post while you stop to buy a drink. Without a leash your dog will definitely make a run for it. An additional advantage of physical activity with your dog on a leash is exercising your dog. This assists with the absorption of their food and will help your dog to maintain a good weight. By feeding your dog too much will harm them, and can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

So as you can see walking your dog on a leash will improve the behavior of your dog, it will lead to better discipline, it will reinforce the relationship between you and your dog, alleviate any stress, improve the health of your dog, prevent any diseases from developing and safe the life of your dog.